All right, Audrey, are you
ready to play a game, too? All right, follow me, come here. Because you know what? Earlier one of your
neighbors won a car. And guess what? We have a car right here
that’s got your name on it. But you have to play a game, OK? OK. And right now, Honey
Nut Cheerios and I are feeling really
good about this, and we think you
have a great shot. Are you ready? This is the game. These are the keys to the car. You are going to have to guess
what hand the keys are in. OK? So the first one is–
put your hands out– the first one is if I come
down here, all you got to do is guess what hand
are the keys in. What hand? This hand or this hand? This one? Oh, I made the keys disappear. Hold on, hold on, if the keys
reappear behind your ear– right here, can you feel? If you have a key inside
your ears, you win the car. Can you feel it? Are the keys there? No? All right, wait a minute. I think there’s keys
to a car right here. And Audrey, guess what? You just want a brand new car. Here you go. Yay! You want to get in your new car? There you go. Audrey, congratulations. You just won your first car. Go ahead and push the pedal. See ya!