-I love watching you perform for
unsuspecting people. I’m told you have a trick called
which I think is very fitting — “Game of Phones.” And I need to know
what it’s about. -I do have a trick
called Game of Phones. Do you have a phone
that I can use? Can I borrow your phone? -I do have a phone.
-Let me clear some space. -Uh-oh. -We’re gonna play a little game. -I want to say
that this is my new phone. You’ll notice —
-Oh, it’s the fancy. -It’s the schmancy, so please,
it’s my only friend. -Very nice.
Can I take it out of the case? -Sure.
-Okay. -I love when my new phone’s
not in a case. [ Laughter ]
-This is good. This is good. Can I put it on airplane mode? -You can put it
on airplane mode. -There we go. Okay, good. Okay. So, we’re gonna play — This game, it’s called
Game of Phones, but I like to call it
“Where’s Lilly’s Phone?” -Okay. Alright. -Would you —
Where’s Lilly’s phone, David? -Here’s Lilly’s phone.
It’s in my hand. -It’s in your hand. Okay. -This is what having a newborn
baby feels like probably. [ Laughter ] Yeah, I understand. -A little more fragile.
Okay, here we go. So, I’m gonna put Lilly’s phone
into an envelope, and I’m gonna seal it. Damn it. Seal it. [ Laughter ] So you can’t see it.
That’s Lilly’s phone. Now, here’s where it gets
a little more complicated. I have a fake phone, okay? Mall kiosk replica —
They make them so you can feel what the phone feels like but
they know you won’t steal it. So I stole it for you.
-Thank you. -‘Cause it’s gonna be the decoy. Alright, here we go. Lilly’s
phone, not Lilly’s phone. And I’m just gonna just mix them
up like that. You probably followed that. Where’s your phone?
Left or right? -I think it’s that one.
-Yeah, okay. So, it gets a little tougher. I stole another fake phone
already in an envelope here. So now it’s a one in three shot.
-Oh, God. -Okay, where’s Lilly’s phone?
Left, middle, or right? -I think it’s the right one. -Okay, damn, wow. Alright. I stole three more fake phones. [ Audience groans ] -Sir? -Hold on. This is — Technically haven’t even
started the game. This is just the fun buildup. You mix them up too, mix them up
so I don’t know where it is, you don’t know where it is. And then number them 1 through 6
using this marker. -So I just write on them?
-Yeah. -Just right here?
-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. -Really?
-I’m gonna lay it on the table. -Okay, 1, 2, 3, 4. You know, just as Jon Snow,
I feel like you know nothing, so this is very —
[ Laughter ] -This is true.
-Okay. -It’s slutty Jon Snow.
-Oh, my bad. So, you know nothing. -He knows. He knows something. Okay. So, one in six. One of the envelopes
has your phone. Five of them do not.
-Okay. -Are you a lucky person?
-Um… That depends.
[ Laughter ] -I have a luck detector.
-Oh, okay. -Which is a die, six-sided die. So why don’t you just roll
the die on your desk? Whatever number comes up,
I’ll eliminate that envelope. Roll and eliminate until there’s
one envelope left. -Should I roll it on this table? -You can do it
right on your desk. And here’s — If, at the end, the one envelope left
has your phone, that will be the first time
it’s ever happened. -I got a 6.
I got a 6, yeah. -Number 6, okay. -Wh-Wh-Whoa! [ Audience gasps,
Lilly screaming ] -Oh, no. -I’m having heart palpitations. I’m okay. -Game of Phones. Keep playing. It’s just a phone. It’s alright. -4.
-Number 4. -Oh!
[ Laughter ] -This is fun. This is fun. Here we go. 1, 2, or 3.
Roll to get a 1, 2, 3, or 5. 1, 2, 3, or 5. -I peed.
[ Laughter ] 6 again.
-Yeah, no whammies. -2.
-2. -[ Gasps ] -Okay, now, that one
sounded different. That one sounded
a little different. -I felt it in my pancreas. -Here we go. Now 1, 3, or 5.
-Jesus Christ. -1, 3 — This is fun.
-3, 3. -3.
-Ohhh! -Okay. Now we got a 5 or a 1. Roll until you get a 5 or a 1. -Oh, my God. -This is
a really scary Halloween! -5 or 1. -1. It’s a 1. -Is it really? 1?
-It’s 1. -David, you do this one.
-No! -He’s a wrestler! [ Audience screams ] -Alright, so, we’re left with
number 5. Before I open it — -I want you to know
I don’t make that much money. [ Laughter ] -So, Lilly, I’m not actually
a magician. [ Laughter ] This — This is a fun prank. No, if your phone’s in there,
great. Wow, right? Unlikely. If it’s not in there,
great episode. Right?
[ Laughter ] Viral potential.
-Definitely viral. -So take out your 5.
Rip open the top. It’s a win-win.
Rip it open. Reach in. -God, I know I don’t talk to You
that much, and now I’m messaging You
because I need a favor. But if You’re up there, please,
please, let this be my phone. It’s my phone.
[ Cheers and applause ] My phone! [ Cheers and applause ]