– So you became a street magician, how did this happen? At a young age, right? – Yes, I was a theater kid. I started out in theater, and my drama teacher, Rob MacIntosh, showed me my first magic trick. Where he took a red silk handkerchief, and he stuffed it into his fist. And when he opened his hand,
the handkerchief was gone. – It’s a classic. – Right, it’s a classic. You know magic, that’s a classic. – I love it, and where does it go? – Right, so I was hooked. So I bugged him for two weeks straight. And then he finally gave me the address, to Tannen’s Magic Shop in New York City. – [Kelly] Yeah. – My dad gave me thirty dollars. I went to the magic shop, and I came home with this small red handkerchief, and my dad had a heart attack. Cause I spent thirty
dollars on a piece of silk. (Kelly laughs) I was like, no Dad, I’m
paying for the secret. So then he was a supporter, and he’s been my strongest
supporter ever since. – That’s so cool. (crowd applauds) It’s something you love. – Yeah, I love it, yeah. – Do you get a thrill from
watching goofy people like me, and that dude, being like, oh my God! – It’s the best, cause I take, with those little tricks,
I used to take them out on the streets, performing on the subway, in local parks and things like that. – Yeah. – And then by the time I was 16, I was performing in
nightclubs in New York City. – [Kelly] Wow! – So it was like, imagine
I was a variety act, I would pull out, make birds appear, in a burlesque show. A 16 year old. (laughs) – I’m just livid they
let a 16 year old in. This is very Texas. (crowd laughs) So you have a trick to
show us though, right? – Sure, let’s try something out. – Let’s do it! – We’ll do something with your mind. – Oh, you don’t want to go in there. (crowd laughs) Be aware. – Be aware? – [Kelly] It’s crazy. – This’ll probably be
creepy, but really cool. – [Kelly] Okay. – If this’ll work. All right here. I’m gonna call out four categories. I want you to listen to those categories, and then you’re gonna think about it, and choose one out loud, okay? – [Kelly] Okay! – Let’s start with some good ones. Let’s do food. – Mm-hmm. – Beverages, celebrities or movies. – [Kelly] Mm-hmm. – Choose one of those out loud. – Movies. – Movies, okay. All right, I’m gonna
make a prediction here. – Okay. – You can’t see it, but
it’s okay if you see it. – Okay. – Cheaters. (crowd laughs) So, I’m gonna, this is
what I’m feeling here. Let’s do this. – I’m so excited. (crowd laughs) I love when I just get mind-blown. – You guys see this? Okay here no, this is
gonna be even better. Watch this, okay. I’m feeling this one. This is a classic. – [Kelly] What? – Kelly, you cannot see this, but I’m locking into this one. – Okay. – That’s gonna stay right there. (crowd laughs) That’s gonna stay right there. Oh this is serious stuff. Here’s where it gets really freaky. This is where it gets freaky. Now Kelly, my prediction is set there. I can’t change that, that’s locked in. – I’m sweating for you, I know. (crowd laughs) – You’re gonna choose any random number. Make this random between one and 100. Go for it. – Three. (crowd laughs) – That was random. – Okay three. – Okay here look, I have my iphone. I’m gonna unlock this with my face, cause I don’t want you
guys knowing my password. – Okay. – So– – Don’t let her know. She knows how to steal your stuff. (crowd laughs) – I actually have notes here. I have notepad here. I’m gonna open up my notes. – [Kelly] I love my notes. – I have things to do, birthday lists, books to read by the end of the year, all that good stuff that I write down. – I fill out that too. – I never seek the resolutions. (Kelly laughs) You can see I have a hundred
greatest movies of all time. Take your index finger, and open it up. – Okay. – Perfect, if you
would’ve said number one, what does that say? – [Kelly] The Wizard Of Oz. – That’s a classic. If you would’ve said
number, let’s go with 16, that’s one of my favorites. – [Kelly] 16, Forrest Gump. – Forrest Gump, right? Who doesn’t love Forrest Gump? – You can sit here. (crowd laughs) – But you said the number three. Scroll to three, make
sure you can see three, don’t say it out loud. Just look at it. – [Kelly] I see three. – And when I say three, I want you to say the third movie listed there, okay? One, two, three. – The Godfather. (crowd chuckles) – Ladies and gentlemen. – No, there is no way. There’s no way. There’s no way. – The Godfather. (crowd cheers and applauds) It’s right there for you. – You said one to a hundred. How in the world would
you know I’d pick three? Unless you were on my volleyball team in Burleson, Texas in high school. Cause that was my number,
I bounced the ball. – That was it, that was it. That was totally it. – Oh my gosh!