– Have you guys ever
seen a magician before? – [Boys] No. – I haven’t seen one but I have seen myself
do some magic tricks. (Ernie explodes)
– Wow! So what is that trick called? – It’s called the Bubblegum Pop. – The Bubblegum Pop! (cheerful, symphonic music) – Is it a she or a he? – [Slater] Ernie and Austin,
Take one. (slate claps) – Action! – [Nash] Hi guys. – Hi.
– How’s it goin’? What’s your name? – Ernie. – Very nice meeting you, and you are? – Austin.
– Austin, nice meeting you. I’m sorry, this is in my back pocket. It’s really, really big,
so it’s really annoying, I can’t have that.
(Austin gasps) It’s okay. All right we gonna start the… (Austin gasps)
What’s goin’ on? Are you okay?
(Ernie laughs) What?
– It’s fire! – What, fire, what?
(boys snicker & snort) No, it’s just my wallet,
man, you’re crazy. (Ernie laughs)
Anyway, so we’re gonna start today right now. (Ernie and Austin laugh) – Why are they doin’, are you guys okay? What’s goin’ on? Okay you guys had too
much coffee this morning. All right, relax, relax! All right, good.
– Okay. All right, so. – How’d you do that?
– Magic. – Are you a magician?
– I am! – He’s a magician?
– Mm-hmm. – Abracadabra! (Ernie explodes)
(Nash laughs) – How do you guys know each other? – ‘Cause we’re cousins. – You guys are cousins? All right, so how old are you? – I’m four. – How about you?
– Six. – How old are you? – How old do you think I am? – I am.
(hands clap) – Oh, 20?
– 20, oh my God! (laughs)
I love this boy! What’s up?
(hands slap) Yes, awesome. Oh yeah. I am 34 years old this year. – How long have you been a magician? – I’ve been a magician for 20 years now. I started when I was 14 years old. – Can you show us a trick, please? – Of course, I can. Yes, lets do it.
– All right! – Yay, I know, right? Awesome, good. I’ll put my ID on his
hand over here, yeah? Nothing around it, like that, yeah? Nothing around it. But watch, one, two.
(snaps fingers) (slurps) – Oh, that’s awesome.
(Nash chuckles) – Yeah, that’s pretty good. Can I get a high-five man,
can I get a high-five man? Yes sir. Yes sir. I’m not sure what that is, but I’ll go with that, I’ll go with that. (Ernie swooshes) – How did you do that? – Lots and lots of practice. – I am not a very good magician. – And brush my teeth every night. That’s how I do it, mm-hmm. – When I brush my teeth I turn my toothbrush into a vacuum. – Into a vacuum, what? That’s crazy!
(Ernie snickers) A vacuum in your mouth, you mean? Wow, that cleans your mouth? Is that what you sayin’? – Yeah, because I’m a cool magician. – Wow, that’s gonna be a
hot trick, I’m telling you. – Oh, fire!
(all laugh) – Is your money gonna burn up? – Is my money gonna burn up? No, quite the opposite actually. And you can help me out too. I’ll show you what I mean. Now give me your right hand right now, ’cause you gotta do some magic with the five dollar bills
I have right here, right? Because watch, if your hand
touches my five dollar bills. (Nash slurps) That is not a five right
here, that’s not a one, that’s actually a one hundred
dollar bill right over here. Now you got one, two, three, four and a five hundred dollars. Oh man, that would be a souvenir. (Austin exhales)
– I’m not fainting. – For the IRS anyway. You couldn’t, yeah, wow! He is exhausted from magic. – Do magicians make a lot of money? – Ribbit, ribbit.
(swooshes) – You just saw me turn one dollar into one hundred dollars, right? What do you think? – Are you there? – Yeah, we do but don’t
tell anybody, yeah. – Where is the coolest
place you did magic? – Oh, right here, right now. You guys are awesome. (all laugh) – Show me a card trick! – Show you a card trick? Okay, why not, let’s do it. All right.
– Sweet! – You guys ready?
– Yeah. – All right, we gotta
have a card chosen, right? Choose any card you
want, any one you want. This one? Ooh, the Ace of Hearts. That’s a good choice, okay. Can you write your name on it? Go for it. – My name?
– Yeah! You did it right there, okay. All right, so this is Austin’s
card, the Ace of Hearts, with your name, Austin,
on it right here, right? Now watch very carefully because I’m gonna put Austin’s card, watch this, don’t lose track of it, I’m gonna put it in the middle, yeah? Yeah, in the middle? So it’s not on top, right?
– No. – It’s not on the bottom, right? – No.
– Yeah, but can I have you wave your hand on top like that? And boom! You see what happened is you bring Austin’s card back to the top. Let’s try it again, let’s try it again. Now I put Austin’s card away. Can you go ahead and take
half the cards like that? Go for it. Yeah? Okay, got it? So I’ll put Austin’s card,
watch, back over here. Now put your card on
top, all of them, on top, so you cover Austin’s
card in the middle, yeah? Now this time, you wave your hand on top, and say shazam!
– Shazam! – And then the top card and then show the camera what happened. – Oh my God! – It is Austin’s name
right here, yeah? (gasps) And you did magic. – And I can make my feet
disappear, watch. (swooshes) – I don’t see them. I don’t know where they go.
(Ernie snickers) I don’t see them. Do you see where they go, I don’t know? (Ernie swooshes)
Wow, oh and they come back! Oh my God, what? – I told you, I’m a magician. – All right, I believe you now, I believe. – Are you gonna be a magician forever? – I am gonna be a
magician forever and ever. – Why are you a magician? – Hmm, because this
brings me the most joy. That’s why I love doin’ it, and I’m that’s why I’m gonna
continue doin’ magician (Ernie gasps)
forever (Austin chuckles)
and ever and, yeah. Put down the blue. Okay, awesome. – What are you gonna do? – We gotta do some magic
with drawings, okay? Now who is a better drawer? Are you a better drawer? – Me?
– Wow, boom, done! That’s it, okay good. So Austin can you draw two little fishes on this piece of paper right here for me? You draw one, you draw one, okay? Starting with a triangle. And, oh this is really good! Okay that’s one. All right, now Ernie can you draw one more
fish over here for me? – I can’t really draw some some fishes. – Yeah, try and draw
like Austin did, yeah. Okay, that totally works. (crew person laughs)
– Two little fishies. – Okay, the two fish is over here, yeah? – Yes.
– Watch this. I’m gonna burn it.
(lighter clicks) ‘Kay? – Oh!
– Whoo! Wow, and then when you burn it. (Austin gasps)
– Oh my, look! What happened? They become two real fishes. – But where’s–
– What? What? – But my fish was just a scribble. – Yeah, and it probably was that one then. Yeah, it’s a scribble fish. See that right there?
– Oh wow! – Okay, now you can drink it. I’m kidding, don’t drink it. Totally kidding.
(Ernie gasps) – Thank you Nash. – You’re welcome, you’re welcome. (Ernie trumpets) Nice of you to do.