I just hope these military trucks are half of what we think they are. If they’re not, I’ll tell you why our military’s
failing. At the end of this thing I’m hopin’ that
the military engineers design these trucks
the way we needed to Wow I’m never even drove one yet. Heck, we got these things – my son drove ’em he keeps saying trust me Dad this
is gonna be the bomb. I don’t have time to deal with it, I just keep trying to work make the mud go away baby make the mud go away. Show a little bit of just how big these trucks are we ordered these things with the really large tires looks like it’s a little low but I think they did that intentionally – having some trouble getting around the place. It’s amazing just how big and rough and tough these
trucks are. It’s either gonna be the funnest thing we’ve ever done our worst nightmare I haven’tfigured out which one but I’ll let you know come September the 8th – 7th. That’ll be the night after that’ll tell me things are gonna roll. This is where you shoot zombies and tune your guns up. Get ’em ready to go for the zombie hunt. Probably one of my biggest mistakes I’ve ever made was I didn’t join the Army. My dad was in World War 2 Definitely, a probably a lot to it – gotta give our hats off to these guys. They do a lot of fighting for our country and that’s one thing we’ve always gave a good military discount here at Land of Illusion. They got some balls, let me tell you that. Can’t wait till that trail’s done! We’ll let the air pressure down on these babies down to about 30 pounds. Comin’ your way! September 6th! That’s right! Shoot a zombie! As you can see, I understand why the military guys are like – Yeah! Go Military! You can hear that buzz of rubber right now… If you ask me, I’d say mission accomplished. My son would probably be yelling at me. “What the hell you doin’ in the truck? Stay out of the truck until I teach you right!” One successful trip, now if we can park this thing…