how do you have Matt King and this is the rope trick the rope has two ends and a sinner if I cut off the ends I just have the sinner yeah and then if I cut off the middle like this no middle and no okay I wasn’t that stupid I could tell you could tell I still have a piece of rope break I’ll start over howdy I’m Matt King back to the road my grandpa he would do this trick for me he’d say you had two exactly equal pieces up mine are not even close to eat my grandpa’s weren’t equal like that I’ll start over it has two ends and a sinner while you’re at home right there you watch this end of the rope I’m watching this one over here you’re watching this one remember when it’s over here with the other one so we have a piece of rope it has two ends and the center the ends are here of course the centers down here but if we take the EDS off you can find the thinner no one knows no one knows where the center is till we put the ends back there it is right in between see my teeth yeah they’re sharp I cut the rope tie the two pieces together so we have two pieces of rope tied together with a knot let me get these scissors will really cut this thing apart I cut the rope into halves two halves into fourths the fourths into eighths and the eighths into little pieces maybe little pieces 16 little pieces of rope I wave my hand don’t look 15 little pieces stay there until you learn it I wait my hand I say the magic words seven magazine those are the magic words today I say the magic words seven magazine and they all come out in one piece I’m not kidding these not come right off it’s a piece of rope two is one Center and that is the rope trick