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it what does everybody welcome back to the
channel Carter shares today we’re going to be doing some tick-tock trick shots
for different rounds each round someone out oh you want to make it to the end
because today’s prize is a shout out on my tick-tock account Oh over 800,000 followers right now when
you’re watching this maybe a million who knows you have more followers in the end
okay but a shout out is always nice so we’re good
tick-tock trick shots one thing I’ve always seen if you’ll doing the no-look
basketball shot they say well I will win a million dollars
so we’re start with the no-look basketball shot at classic on this
channel you guys have seen it the last person to not make it is out and won’t
be going on the next round here we go hey Carter we’re shooting from this line
okay okay ready I’m gonna win today’s video okay I’m gonna lefty because of my hurt
shoulder guys left left-handed and my I want a regular right shoulder still
closer than some of you guys I just want to text back from my oh you guys will
subscribe right now oh my can you Mir saved one of you three
is not moving it on not getting the tick-tock oh I’m good at sports do I get one man who went first I went
first of all thank you for playing yeah okay I appreciate my bets on snow for
the whole competition oh let’s do it okay well this next one is X are crazy
tick-tock where our guy bounce the ping-pong ball off like 15 pots and pans
and then into a cup we’re gonna use just two let’s go so you can see you’re gonna
sit here bounce one two and then into the cup since this is a little bit
harder guys I think we’ll get three attempts each three it and then you
rotate and then last person to make it is help you gotta give me some good luck if Josh
loses on his own video that’s not good say give him a thumbs up for some good
luck now I did go first okay some lose an hour 10 you have one
shot one opportunity mom’s sphaghetti good luck alright I got okay no more three tries stoven are
gonna go one for one until someone makes it channel check out his Instagram and
tic-tacs okay guys next I saw this crazy video of
a college student throwing a cornhole bag off a roof into
a cornhole board so we’re going up to the roof for a corn hole shot here we go Mario in Caleb’s uni flights of stairs
and you’re huffing and puffing athlete first of all first of all you got it
first so you start us off the lucky red bag here okay I’m feeling the first try
on this one not a rail or anything are you scared no you’re pretty far from hey
I’m also going to see in some cornhole some portal you I would have scored just
now but we need to get it in the hole that was I guess that’s rollin round two
yeah this is everyone second try okay I think I got this this is my first second
try going to the finals
okay I think for this one the tactic is going
for the dunk touch nothing that is right really impressive but someone who
probably doesn’t enjoy it as much as we did with Carter and I are now moving on
to the finals here we go okay final round this is all over tick-tock before
flipping cups into another cup they make it look really hard I has to at least
flip one sometimes they’re like I think at least one flip first person to do it
win video I’ve seen the videos where it lands like it I get have to go flush Oh maybe you would first hold on well I won
sorry guys so none of you are getting a shot of my
tick-tock all right Carter so that means you have to give me a shout-out on
tick-tock all right fair fair you know you earned it we worked hard and you
beat me fair and square so but guys make sure you check all of us out on
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them all out tick-tock guys thank you for watching
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thank you anyway do what
it’s crazy I don’t know how you look I say you’re a master of film a master