Hello everyone. In this video I’m going
to teach you magic with coins. And by the way, if you watch, “like,” and “comment” below,
you can email me at the address in the description and I’ll forward to you a
link to a hidden YouTube video that teaches a pro-level coin trick. So if you’ve
got your money in hand, let’s get started. Here’s how to do a simple vanish of a
coin. Now what I’m doing is I’m holding the coin between my second finger and my
thumb here. And what you have to practice is this. You have to practice releasing
your thumb and allowing the coin to drop. Release the thumb. The coin drops now, The
other hand is going to reach in now. Notice how my thumb goes underneath the
coin here. And this is where the vanish happens. Because my thumb goes underneath,
now watch. My thumb releases the coin into the hand and then my right hand
grabs and looks like it took the coin. One more time. The coin oin is between my
second finger and my thumb. I take my other hand as if I’m gonna grab the coin.
Thumb goes underneath. Drop. Grab. At speed, it looks like this.
But the coin isn’t here in the right hand. For this trick you’re going to need two
coins that match, a plastic cup or glass that’s clear, and you’re going to need a
coaster. I happen to have a wood coaster here. Now what you’re going to do this. It’s
a little tricky but you’re going to, ahead of time, take the coin – one of the
two coins, and place it on the bottom of the coaster. And then you place this on top
of the glass and it should just rest there. And now you’re ready to begin the
trick. Spectators don’t know that there’s a coin under the glass. And then as I
showed you earlier, you just do that vanish and then you drop it on top of
the coaster, and the coin vanishes out of your hand and
apparently penetrates the coaster and goes into the cup. Now you might have to,
as you may have noticed, when I put it in or made it look like it went through the
coaste,r I actually wiggled it a little bit. Just to make it fall in. So let’s see
if I can do that again for you. So what I think is the easiest way, make sure you
have a sturdy coaster. Cardboard is fine. I’ve certainly done this done this with
cardboard. This happens to be wood so it is a little heavier. But you take the coin and
rest it on the coaster and then just kind of balance the coin on the edge of
the glass. Now you’re ready to perform. Show the coin, grab it, and then, and the
coin appears to go through the coaster into the glass. And everything can be
examined. Here’s the setup. You’ll just need a
handkerchief, any handkerchief will do. You take your coin and you place it not
in the center here, but a little off-center. Right about there is good. You
just want the coin to be slightly above a fold when you fold the
handkerchief in half. And notice how I have this in a diamond shape. It’s
not straight but diagonal for a diamond shape. Place the coin – again a little
off-center slightly up and slightly to the left. So here’s what happens you fold
in half, the coin is right here at this point.
Now the next fold is going to happen here at the center, but the coin is
actually a little bit to the side of it. So let’s do that. At this point, the coin
is right here. Now you just take this and loosely roll it up. Now you’re ready to
perform the trick. You grab the corners – think of these as rabbit ears. Grab it
firmly and then pull. And it appears that the coin has vanished but what’s really
happened is the coin is actually in a fold of this handkerchief right there.
Just the way you folded it keeps the coin in the handkerchief. Here’s how the coin vanish happens with
the piece of paper. Now the interesting thing about this paper is it’s folded in
an odd sort of way. It looks as if I folded it here, here and then in, which
would seal the coin inside of the paper. But that is not the case. If you look at
the paper, it folds down this way but the other fold goes the other way, and that’s
the secret to the trick. So you pre-fold the paper so it’s easier to fold during performance. This folds down and instead of folding it this way,
this one goes underneath and then these go forward. But what the spectators don’t
know is that the coin ends up inside of a little pocket here and can slide into
your hand. So now let me show you how this looks.
Coin goes in. This folds down. This folds up, forward and forward. But the coin is
actually right here. To spectators on the other side it look it looks as if the coin
is folded in the envelope, but of course it is not. And now, the coin can slip into
your hand. And then as you reach in for a pen or something, you can get rid of the
coin. What’s really great about this is you’ll notice that there’s an outline of the
coin here from when you folded it in and of course when you unfold it the coin
has vanished. This really isn’t a magic trick but it’s
called a coin roll. It’s a little flourish that you can do when you’re
doing coin magic. Now I can pretty much do this with any size coin but I would
suggest this don’t use a coin that’s too small. You want a coin that at least is
about the width of your finger or bigger. Now what you’re going to do is. It’s just
going to take a lot of practice. The basics are: you rest the coin on your
thumb and then you rest that on top of the pointy finger. Watch my second
finger. It actually catches the coin right there on the edge so it can kind
of flip it up and over. Now once again, the ring finger, this one here, will catch
the coin and flip it over. And then the pinky catches it and takes it down and then
the thumb catches the coin and then repeats the process. One more time, so
it’s a matter of a lot of practice. But your friends will be quite impressed and
all it is is making sure that the bottom of your fingers can just catch that edge
and cause the coin to flip over. So don’t worry if you don’t get this the first
time or within a day. It’s going to take a lot of practice. But that is a coin roll.
Well I hope you had fun performing magic with coins. Please “like,” and “comment” below
and then email me and I’ll forward to you that link to a pro level coin trick.
Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.