Hello everyone. In this video, I’m going
to teach you easy magic tricks with rubber bands. Let’s get started. And by
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the description and I will forward to you a link to a hidden YouTube video
that provides you one more bonus trick. Let’s get started. Now I use a single strand of a
rubberband. I’ve just cut the rubber band so I have a longer strand. I think it
works better. The one hand holds the very end. The other hand holds not the
end of the rubber band here, because what it looks like is that the
ring is somehow crawling up the band on its own accord. But the secret is that
when you grab the band you’re actually grabbing it so maybe you just have a
small section of band here. And you stretch it out and then all the rest of
the band goes into the hand over here. Now once you have this all stretched out,
I’ll just do this as the exposed view here, all you’re doing is with this
finger here, you’re just slowly letting go.
By just slowly releasing pressure, the band actually slips through your
fingers right here. And the ring just goes along for the ride. So the setup is,
grab the end of the band, put the ring near the end, grab way up near the top so
you just have a little length and stretch it out. Hide the rest of this band in your
hand and slowly let go of this finger here and thumb and you’ll find that the ring
will just ride its way up. Just for demonstration purposes, I have a mark on
this band here which just allow you to see how this works. The ring goes here.
We’re going to use the same setup except we have this mark on the band. And of course.
you wouldn’t want to do this in performance. Grab the end here with the
left hand. Grab the other end here. Stretch it out and now you can see
the mark right there. But see as I release, you can see the ring is just
moving. It’s’s just moving with the mark because all I’m doing is letting go of
the band over on this side. And the ring rises with it. You have to experiment
with different sized rubber bands and find the ones that works best for
you. And that is the rising ring. Here’s how to perform the ring and
rubberband trick. You’ll need a rubber band and a finger ring. Now notice how I
have the rubber band looped around my first finger here and my little finger
here and the ring in the other hand. Now take your first finger here and push the
band through the ring – kind of thread the rubber band through and then put all of
your fingers inside of the band. Now take your left hand and expand the band out.
Now what you’re doing here, is it really looks as if that ring has penetrated
through the rubber band somehow. But what spectators don’t see is that the band is
actually coming up and is looped through the ring twice. So that’s how
the trick looks. Rest the band on the thumb to get out and then remove the
band. I know that’s kind of tricky so I’m going to go through it one more time.
Once again, rubberband is looped on the pointy finger and the little finger, goes
through the ring, put all the fingers inside here. Take your other left
hand fingers and open up the band and now the rubber band appears to be
threaded on the band rubber band, But as you can see it actually is doubled back
here. Now to get out of this take your left thumb, rest the band on your right
thumb, release the pointy finger on the left hand. Now grab the ring here. The
left forefinger and thumb and the band will release itself from the ring, Here’s how to perform the jumping rubber
band>Now you’ll notice I’m using a hairband. It’s because it shows up a
little better on camera. Take the hairband, place it on your hand. Now with
your other hand, using my left pointing finger here, I’m pulling it across my
hand towards my thumb. Now put all your fingers inside and rest the band along
the fingertips. There, you’re all set up. From the front it looks as if the band
is simply around the little finger and ring finger but you have this setup. And
all I have to do is open your hand and the band jumps to the other fingers. Now
I’m going to reverse the process but it’s the exact same thing. You’re going to
take the band, pull it the other way, take all of your fingers, rest your fingers
and rest the band on the tips of the finger. From the other side you can see
that it looks as if the band is resting on your first finger and second finger.
And all you have to do now is open your hand and the rubber band magically jumps.
Now if you really want to practice, you have to be able to do this
setup very quickly. So it should look something like that. And you can see I’ve
already set everything up so it’s ready to go. Now if you really want to practice
and do this right, here’s something else you can learn. Take your thumb here,
pull it over, put all your fingers inside and you’ve done the setup right there.
It’s very fast and you don’t need a second hand and then all you have to
just open your hand and the band jumps. Now let’s go to variation number two. I
have here a second band and now we’re going to make them jump and trade places.
It’s actually the same thing but you’re combining both moves from the past
segment. So you’re going to pull one across, pull the other across and you’ll notice
I kind of create a star type shape. But what I’m really interested in is I
make a triangle here and I put all of the fingers inside of that triangle. It’s
very similar to what we did before. Just resting it on the fingertips, open
and they trade places. It’s going to take some practice but I think I’ve provided
the instruction there so you can be successful at that. And there’s one more
variation. This time I’m going to take the second band and wind it around the
fingers like this. I’m essentially creating a barrier that won’t allow the
band to jump over but yet, and set this up in front of spectators so it’s there
and apparently trapped, and it still jumps across. And you can make this jump
across back by simply reversing the process. The setup is identical. You just
pull it across, put all your fingers inside and it’ll jump to the other side.
Now how does it jump? Well the rubber band is actually taking a path like this.
So let’s see if I can do that in slow motion for you. So I set it up and then
see how it it actually can make that path. And that is the jumping rubber band
with three different phases that you can perform. Well I hope you have fun performing
these magic tricks with rubber bands. Please “like” and please “subscribe” for
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