Hey Doc Daugherty here and this is my act This is my bread and butter Material for performing at restaurants a use of material on a weekly and sometimes daily basis and I have been using it for years Each effect is designed to get big reactions and have tons of room for spectator interaction This entire act can be performed without jacket and 50 front tooth pockets So in other words you can take this act anywhere. The material included is extremely practical and oftentimes super easy Every method is designed to fool with clever methods rather than difficult sleight of hand I start the show off with the world-famous salt or sugar trick This is a restaurant favorite where sugar is vanished and reappears inside of the napkin The great methods you use to create stunning effect that can be recalled during the entire walk around set The magic salt trail make sure to throw that over your left shoulder Next up is gnarley’ invisible column aces The spectator is the magician here is a palm and transfer Kings from one pile to another Make it even better The Spectator turns it into four aces The Eagles mean they can fly as my walk around coins across handling that happens in the spectators hands You got it, right throw it at Jessica’s hand Did you feel it? Good, it only works with people with no feelings. I’m glad we’re on the same page there but if it worked you should have Done one two Three and four give her a big round of applause Thank you Go next is a classic Biddle trick where the spectator turns his card Invisible as soon as they touch parts as soon as you grab your card your card can of vanish and turn completely invisible. You ready? You got it Turn it over turn it over sixes pains right take it join at the pack who you threw it face up I don’t know if you knew that or not, but face up in the middle of the pack. Is these six of spades? Card it unknown number is an insanely deceptive routine that will fool. Even the smartest layperson We’ve got a ace we use that as a one a random number is created but unknown until the deck is out of the magician’s Hands is 19 right 19 who you selected card is found at that number This effect is very hands-off expected at us Almost all the way Good my big round of applause makes me feel easy double leaper a new handling of a classic from expert car technique that requires Absolutely, no power so easy to do but gets a huge response every time Next is fire booty. We’re 100% free to us at VSP symbols is revealed using fire See what it was Either way he lives That would be free way they live in through the alcohol the classic puzzle the in and out boxes Delinda boxes Updated with a solid ending This is something that is not only impossible looking that has a surprise ending that no one’s inside the black box Which is very strange within itself They look to be the exact same size because inside these is a secret if you look at these boxes inside are 200 Right that have been there the whole time You’ll wake up at 3:00 a.m. So how did that happen How did that happen card to wallet my favorite way to end any ambitious card routine This handling gives a good reason to bring the law doubt into play and it’s very easy to be done with almost No calming. This ending is so good. I use it a closed campus show and it changed it to your five If you can guess my favorite card Reach in there and see if the seven of diamonds is in there Oh, look, I’ve had that for three weeks now Matthew. Thank you very much I’m very excited to bring you this material here for you to learn and use not only learn commercial Magic that is spectator ready. Do you will also learn important information about performing magic and restaurants from my many years of experience? I’m doc Daugherty, and this is my attitude