hi kids today let’s learn about
different colors let’s open this pack of Skittles these
are all red it’s the strawberry flavor what is going on? why are
the candies shaking let’s take a closer look the candy turned
into a red apple let’s take a look at this one oh it’s turned into red angry
bird that one is moving again it’s Marshall from the Paw Patrol let me
know if you see a moving candy again That one is moving it’s lightning macqueen
we have the red apple red lightning Mcqueen red drom the birds Marshall from paw
patrol wearing a red suit color red good job excuse me cars apple flavor
hey the paint canister shaken and water what they’re going to turn it’s not
dream kids do you know what color it is oh right it is yellow and why do we have
a yellow box here oh that’s color green these is a green
turtles shell from Super Mario all the cameras are not shaking I’m waiting for
the next surprise yeah another mystery pack let’s open it
up has a green tree perfect for our green
candies a dream chocolate tree this little baby it’s so cute have the green
citrus fruit turn do you mike rizzo ski and the green
breaks kids can you think of something green nice job
the tallies are again changing colors let’s see over the next color yellow
yeah it’s yellow yeah it’s a honeydew melon
it’s from below from paw patrol these are the yellow things we have the yellow
pear I’m changing colors
I didn’t want to what’s gonna be the next color you think this is like
carrots it’s very tasty and come on Nare you
it’s another orange vegetable it’s pumpkin and Louisiana tree its bash for
the mystery oh it’s controls let’s check it out close it face so cute and just even Mary
and orange dress hi orange is my favorite color here bash and a pumpkin
you can even change its face Karen can you think of something orange right is
all right good job Terry’s your again choose your colors
I’m so excited it’s the color purple grape flavor purple grapes is a purple
minute dream like a mini figure a mermaid with a purple what color is it
yes it’s two color white hmm and wonder what you would do to turn it into purple purple instantly yeah this in color purple purple grades like a mini figure with a
purple cape and a purple star here as well purple new trainer blind back from
trolls let’s check it out good oh it’s the same something purple on her hair
though can you think of something purple all right that is purple
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