Hi! I am Brandon Nowasky. I am here on behalf
of Expert Village.com and I am going to show you some of the fundamentals of card tricks.
In this clip, we are going to start off with the type of cards that you need to use. There
are many different types of cards, different brands that you probably will know. The two
that I prefer are Bicycle and B-cards; this has to do with the finish of the cards. Bicycle
and B-cards have an air-cushioned finish; what that does is it allows the cards to move
smoother through your hands, allows you to do fans, spring the cards, all these little
flourishes that we are going to get to later on. Now other brands of cards, cheaper brands
of cards will have, plastic coated cards they clump up; it is a lot harder to use, and you
are not going to be able to be as smooth with those cards. Like I said before you want to
use Bicycle brand or B-brand cards for the air cushion finish. In the next clip, we will
go over some of the fundamental techniques of card tricks.