Hi! I am Brandon Nowasky and on behalf of
Expert Village.com I am going to show you some more on card tricks. Today, we are going
to go over a force. What a force is when you force somebody to select a particular card,
say the nine of diamonds. What you do is you riffle down, you would say stop anywhere you
want, just say stop. When they say stop, you stop the cards, hand them the card they stopped
at, it ends up being the nine of diamonds, the card that you wanted them to select. This
is a real easy force, here we use the nine of diamonds. All you do is: the card that
you want is going to be on top of the deck. Riffle down when they say stop – what you
are actually going to do is just grab the cards but you want to grip the top card with
these fingers. So what is actually going to happen is when you cut you are just going
to slide their card off, just like that and hand it to them; that is going to be the card
they picked. A couple of little subtleties here: you want to make sure that your hands
cover the action so that no one can see it when you do it; and also I like to add a little
tap with the cards that helps cover up some more of the slide going on. So once again
at fast speed, tell you to stop, just like that, nine of diamonds, which is a force.