Hi! I am Brandon Nowasky and on behalf of
Expert Village.com I will show you some more on card tricks. We are actually doing another
trick this time. This one is called spell a card. What you do is have someone select
a card, say jack of diamonds, stick it in the middle of the deck, do a couple of cuts.
Say all right, what I am going to do is spell your card. Ask what the card is, they say
jack of diamonds. Say all right, we’ll just spell jack: J-A-C-K. Next card, is your card it’s the jack of diamonds.
Now this one is real easy to do and we combine card controls and the glide. We use the jack
diamonds again. Do the card control that we’ve gone over before. You are just going to get
a break. Stick it in there at an angle to get a break underneath the card this time,
square it up. Do your favorite cut or whatever to bring it to the bottom, on bottom, if you
want you can add a couple of false cuts, make it more convincing. At this point, just going
to transfer into the glide position as in the name of their card, what you do, while
they tell you the name, pull back into the glide and then all you have to do is you just
spell the name jack and you can spell out the whole name if you want of diamonds, everyone
will do and on the last card just pull out their card and reveal and that’s spell a