Welcome Young Mage, I’m the Rhino. I’m going to teach you what I know. You are here to learn more about Magic the
Gathering. Let’s go over the ability First Strike right
now. First Strike is a static ability that modifies
the combat damage step. Simply put, a creature with First Strike does
its damage before other creatures. Unless….. You guessed it, the other creature has First
Strike as well. Or Double Strike. Both of these abilities allow a creature to
do damage in the First Strike part of the combat damage step. This allows you to get your damage in first. Then any regular combat damage is resolved. First Strike is really boffo. You can take out attackers or blockers before
they get a chance to put in their damage. But what happens if…. Let’s say you have a huge Gladehart Cavalry
out and your opponent attacks with a Council’s Lieutenant. It has First Strike, but you can’t let that
damage come through. So you block Council’s Lieutenant with Gladehart
Cavalry anyway expecting a response. The First Strike damage is dealt with only
2 damage going to your Gladehart Cavalry. Then your opponent casts Abandon Reason on
your Gladehart. They say that since First Strike Combat damage
has been dealt already, your Gladehart missed it’s chance and doesn’t get to take out
their Lieutenant. Does this work? Actually no, it doesn’t. The Gladehart still get’s to apply it’s
damage. The only way to make it so it doesn’t apply
it’s damage is to take it out. Messing with when the damage is applied DURING
the resolution of the damage won’t skip it’s chance to apply damage. Also putting First Strike on something that
already has First Strike doesn’t give it more First Strike, there is only one First
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