– [Chris] Alright, I’m just
gonna go ahead and say it. I believe that the ace of
diamonds has magical properties. Alright? There I said it. I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably saying to yourself, Chris, you’re a grown ass man, surely you don’t believe
the ace of diamonds has magical properties, but I do and it does and I’m gonna prove it to you right now. I’ll leave the ace of
diamonds over here for now and I’m gonna ask you to take
your favorite card or just, it really doesn’t matter, a random card, any one that you like. Thank you. Show it to the camera and
here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna leave it somewhere
into the deck of cards about where you took it. The idea is that the ace of diamonds, the magical properties
contained within this card are going to find your card, okay? I know it sounds ludicrous, I know it’s not as crazy as you may think, I’m not levitating a building, but here’s the thing, no matter where you
stick the ace of diamonds within the deck, it automatically falls beside your card. There’s only one way to do that, so here, I want you to take the ace of
diamonds and when I say go, not yet, when I say go, I want you to throw it within
the deck somewhere okay? You ready? Go. Right there? See I really believe, and this is gonna sound crazy, but I’m gonna prove it to you right now, that the ace of diamonds found your card. Watch. Here we go. Okay there’s the ace of diamonds. Um. And obviously it found your
card but which one of these two is your card? I don’t know. Is it the nine or the seven? The nine diamonds, seven of spades? No? Really? What? Your card is not the nine or the seven? Well. (bleep) Really? (sighs) You know what? Oh, hold on, hold on. So, this is really rare
but it sometimes happens. Sometimes the ace of diamonds
doesn’t find your card but in really really rare
cases the ace of diamonds sometimes becomes your card. (upbeat music) (martial arts breathing) Yeah! What’s going on? Aye. Chris Ramsay here, welcome back. Today. (crickets) I got a pretty cool effect for you guys. This effect uses something
called a double faced card. It’s a bit of a gimmick. You can make one. You can buy one. You can them free within
certain decks of cards. I decided to create a little
routine and to show you what you could use this for
which is actually pretty cool. This routine is pretty nice. A little bit slight intensive
but I’m also going to show you a bonus thing that you can
use this double face card for that doesn’t require any slight
of hand so you’re gonna get the slight of hand heavy version, which you should practice, and the non slight of hand
version which you can do straight up straight away. But the non slight of hand
version isn’t really a routine, it’s more like a little move you can do, which is a lot of fun. Do with it what you wish. If you do not have a double face card. Very very simple. All you have to do is take two cards, take some double stick tape, stick them back to back and
you can practice that way until you get yourself a real double face card. I like grabbing a random gaff card out of a pack of 52 gaff cards. What gaff cards are, they’re basically cards
that do other things, or that have magic
tricks attached to them. They’re all self-contained
within cardboard. No flaps or weird things on them. There’s lots of routines
that you can some up with. Using these, there’s a lot out there but
you can create your own. I think there’s a lot of fun in that. I’ll leave a link to a gaff deck below, if you guys want to check
that out and have fun it. I’m sure you guys will
get creative with it. By the way, contest winners were chosen. Thank you to everybody who participated to get the card guards. Five winners were chosen. They have been emailed
so check your emails. If you haven’t been emailed, you haven’t been chosen. Look forward to the next contest. We’ll definitely be
using this thing again. Regardless, today you win anyway because
you’re getting a free trick. So let’s go! Whew! Before we get into the tutorial. Subscribe if you’re not already a sub and hit the like button. Alright. Heh heh. Let’s get it. Go ahead and grab your
favorite deck of cards and double facer. The double facer has to have
the same face as the deck of cards you’re using, that goes without saying. The ace of diamonds and seven of hearts. That’s what a double face card looks like. To make sure that this
trick is going to work, you need to remove the ace of
diamonds and seven of hearts from the deck completely. Make sure there is none in
there because you don’t want to look silly having a duplicate. Whatever the card is, whatever the card you want to use, you want to stick face
up into the face up deck. I want to use the ace
of diamonds for this. I will leave it in the middle, face up, and this is how I’m going
to start my routine. Play around with your
own sort of handling, not handling but presentation. My presentation is kind of self
deprecating humor where I’m kind of like, I know I’m a grown man, and I believe that I
have a magical card okay? I know how silly that sounds. Alright. And I believe that it’s
the ace of diamonds. What I’m doing here is I’m
going through the deck, looking for my favorite card
and it kind of makes it look like you know, this was a normal deck of
cards and that’s a normal card that I chose for a reason. You take this card, obviously don’t flash the
back and you want to leave it aside for now. Now is where you’re going
to have them select a card. No matter what card they take, here is what you’re going to do. You’re going to perform, this is what I do. Use whatever works for you. I’m gonna run through what I do. What I do is I use a straddle pass, a single card straddle pass. I basically use a half pass after that to turn the card over. Okay? First of all, I’m gonna show you the straddle pass. So this is what it looks
like from your angle. It’s controlled at the bottom. This is what it looks like exposed. Okay? Exposed, there’s a lot going on. But when you hide it, when you this, there’s really not much to look at. There’s a few things going on. Once you push this in, you want to start pushing it
in on an angle so that the bottom portion peeks out like this. Because that bottom portion is going to connect to your pinky. I’m pushing it in but a
little bit more on this side. So that (clicks tongue) I feel
it on my pinky right there. Once it’s on my pinky, I’m using my thumb to
actually push this card down. So right now, I’m kind of holding the card
between the pinky and the thumb and I’m kind of rocking it down. Okay? Once I’m here, which is about halfway so the
corner of the card is there, the rest of the card is here. My pinky still contacts this. I’m going to use my ring finger, and with the ring finger, I’m going to sort of have
it pivot on my right thumb. Pinky’s still here. I do this as soon as I do that. I tend to bend this a little bit, just for less discrepancy
out here it’s a little bit more obvious so I try to bend it. Index comes here, and pinky’s there. Now the only thing holding
this card is the index and the pinky, hence the straddle motion. Alright. I’m going to take my pinky
and move it down while bending the card with my index. Until it’s released. And then I come right back under the deck. Okay? Take the card. I push it on one side a bit more. So that it contacts my pinky. My thumb is gonna bring it
down along with my pinky. My ring finger is going to
apply pressure to give it that pivot on that thumb. Index and pinky grab it here. And index and pinky moves the other way, the opposite way so I can
clear it and it bends it and it comes back under. Basically what it looks like, is like this. Your top hand should not be moving. Your top hand should look like this. And the bottom should
be doing all the work. So basically, it almost looks like you’re
doing absolutely nothing. So if I have the three of spades here, and I go in, it should look like I’ve done nothing and the three of spades is on the bottom. So just watch that over and over again. I’m not gonna get into more detail. I think that’s enough to go on for now. Regardless of how you want to do it, you can control if you want
to use a DPS or any other way, as long as you can control
their selection seamlessly to the bottom of the deck, you’re golden. Once that is controlled to the bottom, let’s say the seven of
spades is their selection, I like to stall here. I like to hold a second. I don’t like to do the second move, which is the half pass, because there’s a lot of heat. You know what I mean? If we had that card here, and I do this and boom I’m controlled, I don’t want to keep motioning here. I want to take a break and I
want their mind to be at ease with what just happened. Which is basically nothing. I’m going to take the double face card and explain to them that this
card is gonna find their card. I’m gonna give them the ace of diamonds. As they take the ace of diamonds, I’ll just leave it here for now, but as they take it, now I want to grab a break
underneath that card. Underneath their selection. Okay? So I have a break, massive pinky break, and the index is curled up here and all I’m doing is a half pass. Literally turning the card
around under the deck. The thing is, if I do it here, that flashes. So you want to tilt down when you do this. Then the half pass is done. So normally a half pass is
done with a whole portion of the deck but you’re doing
that with one card and you’re just literally turning it
around and squaring it up. Make sure it’s squared
because if it’s like this you’ll get a flash. They have the card. I say, you’re gonna take the card
and you’re gonna throw it into the deck somewhere. As I do that, I kind of rotate the deck and I gesture. You’re gonna take the card
and you’re gonna throw it into the deck somehow. And now it’s already done. Now your card is on the bottom, their card rather is
on the bottom face up. Perfect. All you need to do is
cut it into the middle. But before we do that, we’re gonna have them throw this in. They can either throw it in if you want. Or they can just push it in. Pushing it in is fine too. Now as you’re talking, you explain to them again, ideally your card should have found, my card should have found your card. As I do that, I’m just cutting the deck casually. You don’t have to hide or the pass because that’s another weird move. Just casually cut the deck, it doesn’t really matter
because you’re gonna show them all the cards. What that does is that places
their selection in the middle, face up. So what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna turn this around, and if you have a table you
can spread it on the table. If not, that’s fine. Just go ahead and spread it here. Now at this point, I usually say, well which one of these two is your card? I act confident, like I know one of these
for a fact is your card and at the same time I’m showing them that
the whole deck is clean. And they go no it isn’t. Then I say, sometimes it doesn’t find your card, as you can see it’s not there any more, sometimes it becomes your card. And now boom, done. If they’re wondering where
the ace of diamonds is, you don’t show them. Pure and simple. You try to get that card
back to the bottom and crop it out or something
throw it to your pocket, whatever you wanna do to get rid of it. But that’s a nice little one
off routine that you can do. I also promised you that I
would show you a version that you do not need slight of hand for. I kind of do because I’m
holding a camera with one hand. That’s why it’s shaky so forgive me. A kind of tabled ambitious card routine. You’re going to take
the ace out of the deck. Just like what we did before. You can force it or you
can do whatever you like. I’m going to spread the cards
here and I’m gonna show you that the ace can travel
through the deck up to the top. Just like this, watch. I take it here, watch it go, it disappears and jumps (tongue click) right up to the top of the deck. You want to grab that
duplicate card leave it on top. Spread the cards. You’re gonna take this. Right. So whatever duplicate
card you have on top, you take that one and you’re
gonna come with your right hand over so it’s kind
of like spreading butter, that trick I taught on
Assad’s table a while ago. You’re gonna take your right
hand and go over and you’re just gonna do this and it disappears. My middle finger catches
it here and pulls it out. It’s kind of magical how it
travels from there to there. That’s the little bonus
thing so have fun with that. Woo hoo! Aye, thanks so much for
watching this tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it and I
hope you make the most of it. Guys, you’ve got like, I’ve taught two moves here okay? That you can actually practice
without the double face card and that you can use in
a plethora of routines. Yeah, plethora. Words. Do with it what you will. It’s a really fun thing to
do and if you ever have a double face card on you, or around you and you want to use it, now you have something you
can actually use it for. Definitely hit the like button
if you guys did like this video and subscribe if
you’re not already subbed and we’ll see you, (gasp) on the next one. (gasp) Peace right.