What’s up guys this is Balázs from
RacingBrick! I’m really happy to see your huge interest in the Powered Up
block guide and the controller program for the cars! as I was exploring further
the possibilities of the Powered Up app I stumbled upon an interesting solution
for trains that I will share with you in a minute with the 3.0 update of the
Powered Up app it became possible to connect multiple hubs simultaneously
although it was not obvious for the first sight but this ability is not
limited to the free play area with coding canvas but it’s also available in the
regular app-specific section such as the Train control interface as you can see
there are two train hubs connected now to the app if I switch to the Train
control interface I can control the train that was the first on the list
there’s no separate control for the lights added, did they become stronger when
the Train accelerates the other buttons on interface are for the different sound
effects if I go back to the connection screen it is possible to change the
order of the connected hubs and I can put the yellow train in the first slot
now the buttons will control the yellow train while the other one is still
running so this is a pretty cool feature although the reordering on the
connection screen is not very convenient but it is still possible to control up
to four trains with this method so what are the issues with this setup?
well the biggest one can be seen here if I put back the red train to the first
slot the speed displayed is still the one I defined for the yellow train as
the app does not realize the switch and does not remember the speed of the other
train this means if I had a very different speed or even a different
direction than the other train will have a drastic speed or direction change
another problem for these the lack of light controls the lights are simply
brighter as the train goes faster and there is no way to turn it on or off
independently and also you cannot couple two or more trains together and control
their speed simultaneously so let’s see how can we do this better with the
slider interface in the free play area as you probably know by default those
sliders are not really good for train control because they automatically
return to zero when they are released but with a little tweaking we can
actually force them to stay at the position where we leave them this is not
a perfect solution and the movement becomes a little glitchy but at the
moment as far as I know this is the only solution
hopefully the developers will add a dedicated Train slider in the future to
the app so let’s see what can we do with this setup I think the most
straightforward usage of the screen is the control of two separate trains with
the two sliders as you can see here they can be controlled independently and the
speed is visible on the screen as well the right and left buttons can be used
to turn on and off the lights for both trains and the middle button stops both
of them since the app can connect up to four hubs this setup can be tweaked
further and we can assign two motors to one slider so two-two trains can be
controlled on this screen I only have two trains now but I’m sure you get the
idea this version can be also used to couple trains together and control all
motors with a single slider making a more powerful train since with the
coding box it is easy to change the motors direction there’s no problem with
that another benefit you are not restricted
this way to train motors you can use other type of Powered Up motors as well
in the trains the final version I want to show you is a bit more advanced and
it requires more coding but it can be used to control four trains on a single
screen as you can see I have the two train hubs connected and the Technic
hub with two motors on the screen the right number represents the hub or motor
number and it can be changed with the right button the left button is used to
toggle the light on the hub that is currently selected the outputs used can
be defined within the code the left slider controls the speed of the motor
that is currently selected as you can see the program stores the speed and the
light status for each hub so it shows the correct value when we go through the
options and it can be changed the middle button stops the motor for the current
selection this time the stop button in the top right corner can be used to stop
all of them I shared the code in a PDF on my website
for both the simple version where you can control two trains with two sliders and
the advanced version where you can switch between four trains and control
each of them I added some explanation about the
blocks in the PDF please let me know in the comments if you like this format or
you will need a more detailed guide about the code or the functionalities if
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