(theme music plays) It’s Saturday, April 29th. Let’s play the Booster Box Game! Box number 1: Can we get $100? How does this game work? I’m about to break open a box of Amonkhet within 24 hours of launch and see if I can get $100 in rares, mythics, and foils, which is what I paid for the box. Currently, for Amonkhet, there are no uncommons or commons worth more than $2 each, and so, I will not be looking at those or even the full art basic lands, which are only selling for 33 cents each, because the number I am looking for is $2. I need cards that are worth $2 each in order for it to be worth it given seller fees, shipping costs, etc. (background music plays) (failure sound effect) What have we wrought? Oh, hello! Well, it looks like we didn’t even make it to box number 2. But, remember, the point of the Booster Box Game is not to win. In fact, this right here is why I play: to show you that cracking booster packs for the purposes of getting value, building decks for constructed, is really not the best use of your money. Buy the singles you need. Booster packs are for draft. (background music plays) And this program was made possible thanks to a sponsorship from Card Kingdom, as well as the Patreon support of viewers such as you. So, thank you. (outro music plays) (theme music plays)