Louise: Now we have a couple of quick fire
fan questions for you. Liam: Go for it. Fire away. Louise: Lauren has asked, “Have you co-written
with any of the other 1D boys for your album, songs or any of their albums or songs? Liam: I haven’t, but there’s one record that
I have that was the first song me and Zane ever wrote together. And he was kind of learning
writing and I was just… I had been writing for a little bit. And we were just coaching
each other together which was really, really nice and he did some rapping on some things
that my friend did. Actually I have to re-listen to it. There’s a record that me and Zane did
called Soul Provider a long time ago and it’s a banger. I love it. It’s not going anywhere
at the moment because we haven’t spoken. Louise: At some point though. Liam: Yeah, who knows. He’s doing his thing, you
know. He’s going through whatever he’s going through with you know what just happened to
him and stuff, so I don’t know sometimes it’s best to just people to it and see if they
come back around I guess. Louise: And if it’s meant to be they will
come back around. Liam: Yeah, exactly. It’s fine with me. Louise: Absolutely. The next question is from
Rita whose Twitter @isjustpayneaway and she has asked, “Will you ever do a Broadway musical?” Liam: I mean, who knows? If there’s the right
musical. Louise: But you would do one? Liam: Maybe like in the future… I was thinking
about this the other day. It would be a lot of fun, yeah. Maybe like down, down, down
the line. Louise: I just think 8 shows a week sounds
incredibly stressful. Although you’re probably used to that with travelling. Liam: Yeah, true. It might be a bit of hard
work! Louise: Ali has asked, “If you could describe
your album in three words what would they be?” Liam: I would describe it as fun, loving and
free. Louise: Mariah has asked, “In the Instagram
caption for your Dubai concert you ended it with ‘Thanks for making me believe’. Elaborate?” Liam: Well, you know, when I started this
out I said it a while ago that I didn’t really think that I wanted to… well, I knew that
I wanted to be a solo artist, but at the same time I didn’t really know if it was the right
thing for me to do. I was just like “do I really want to do this all again?” I was having
a bit of problem with it – once again this is teenage hormone nonsense and I didn’t really
believe in myself is the truth of it. I didn’t believe it could happen and I tried to dull
myself down to make it so that it didn’t happen and things like that when I turned up at a
concert and I didn’t expect… this was the craziest thing… so I went into Dubai and
I didn’t think anyone was going to know me again. I was like, ‘No one is going to know
me here, I haven’t been here in years, haven’t got a clue what’s going to happen’. And I
went and saw the stage that I was trying to sell and I was like ‘This is some crazy…
what if 200 people turn up? I’m just going to look like such an idiot. This is
going to be crap’. So I did my sound check and I was literally sat at my dinner like
‘I can’t eat my dinner. This is crazy. I don’t know what’s going to happen here’. And then
I got there and there was 110,000 people. That’s bigger than any audience I’ve ever
played in One Direction and I was like ‘How the hell has that happened?’ Louise: Liam, I’ve been talking to you for
a little while now, right? And I am shocked by… I don’t think you realise how successful
and big you are. Liam: I don’t think I realise what’s really
going on. I think I just go day by day and it’s the best way to be! I love it! It’s great. Louise: Listen, mindfulness! It’s all about
taking each hour and minute at a time, but I don’t think you realise that you’re probably
one of the most famous people in the world. Liam: That’s a bit scary isn’t it? Louise: Yeah! Liam: Just forget about it and carry on! Louise: Forget about it and keep doing what
you’re doing, that’s all you can do. Liam: Thank you, thank you very much.