what’s up guys! We are that’s amazing
and today we are doing the 24-hour trickshot challenge what does that mean
Matthew colin and owen are both going to make a short trick shot video Tommy will
coach and edit for Owen and I will coach an edit for Collins stay until the end
to see the videos and vote for who you think is the best good luck so we decided for our first shot of the
video to be a football shot into the mini hoop over there okay oh and so uh
matthew and colin downstairs are making trick shots and you know what the
problem is they’re rushing they’re rushing we’ve already made two shots
that’s why aren’t plan is to brainstorm first Owen are you paying attention here
are you paying attention okay so let’s let’s tell you some of our
ideas first of all owen are you paying attention you can tell I’ve done a lot of trick shots here
because look at that Ok Owen are you paying attention because if you want to
win this you got hit the owl that
wasn’t the point of the shot right now we’re having some technical difficulties he is
obsessed with this Twinkie stuffed animal I bought him give him a stuffed animal he doesn’t
listen in brainstorming sessions I don’t know what we’re gonna do I quit
I quit I’m taking my glasses with me I mean that brainstorming session went
about as clear as ice that was melted and filled with chocolate pudding that
means it’s not clear at all the last video Colin struggled throwing
something out the window called you think you’re gonna make this one pretty
fast yes one thing I did think about we only
have one ball just a little trick you start like this
if you end like this so this is all yours you see another like that and we
just came outside to start filming but do you hear that noise colin is the dice stacker of the family
he’s gonna do a 12 stack which is really hard to do you think you can do it very
easy let’s do one easy you always say that easy yes it’s easy for me no way no way so we went down and checked on con
Matthew doing a dice stack I mean it’s very predictable very predictable I hope
that reflects in your grading down below in the comments section let’s come up
with something better Owen vote for Owen and I who at this point has zero
trickshots but have actually no ideas we have no ideas okay the basic very
predictable but guess what Connie Matthew didn’t incorporate any
color in their die stack Owen this is the rainbow stack come on we are going to bounce it off of
both play buttons which are very skinny oh our next idea is to construct a
puzzle of the United States and Owens only three and he knows where
every state goes because of this puzzle and he’s gonna throw the final piece to
complete the puzzle it is unfortunately the end of day one we didn’t get a lot
done we only got two trickshots a failed brainstorm Matthew and Collin
have definitely got already like about six shots done so seven sorry Matthew
we’ve got to do a lot of tomorrow I think we can beat them that’s not good
it’s day two and we are outside ready to film some more trick shots alright I’m gonna have to put this in
position let’s I’m gonna let me drive for a second unfortunately Owen and I
haven’t gotten like anything done again we’re gonna have to start all over
everything we did yesterday delete all that we’re gonna start brand new we’re
gonna leave it up for a surprise and so you guys see the final video what we
decide to do cuz I don’t even know it’s gonna be hard vote for me and subscribe
and like so let’s try yes guys it’s finally time to watch me be here
what don’t mess up our videos it is finally time to watch the final videos
we’ve got Matthew and Collins first and then you can see what Onan I came up
with remember to vote down below whose video
is better let’s start with our video because I mean first is the best no I no way Oh Colin why are you biting on that
hat well guys that was epic Colin I think
that deserves a vote yeah man Colin good job good job good job now it is time for
the better group to go Owen and Tommy who came up with the best trickshot
video we have ever made in our okay you have a door thanks for watching guys make sure to
give this video like if we get 25,000 we’re gonna make a full video of Owens
real life trickshot a daily routine I mean he doesn’t everyday it’s easy yeah
make sure to check out some of our other videos number on the screen and
subscribe to our Channel and we will see you later