we found these sea
biscuits that are big as your head previously on searching for C-Shels we
dive the grottos at rocky dundas explore the area around Black Point and
get some of Lorraine’s mom’s famous bread this is the secret ingredient. After filling our souls and bellies with the sights and sounds of Black Point we headed South to
the Exumas to Rudder Cut Cay here there is a legend of a piano playing mermaid
trapped underwater by the evil magician it just seems wrong not to dive her even
though we had some trouble finding her we’re looking for the mermaid with the
piano sorry for the interruption guys just
want to say that if you like this video press like if you’re new here subscribe
leave us a comment when you’re done with the video oh we have a patreon page check the link below as nice as Rutter Cut and Mushy Cays
were they were not gonna protect us from the southerly blow that was coming so we
traveled 7.5 nautical miles north to see if an anchorage near little farmers key
would keep us comfortable we’re anchored We’re anchored off of a little Farmer’s Cay actually
they’re North part of Farmer’s Cay isn’t it the big one here big Farmer’s I guess
there’s a little cove here on the charts that looks like you can go further in
than you can it. We’re the only ones here I think I will be pretty tight to
have anybody else here but we’re getting pretty good protection from what is a
20-knot winds from the southeast there’s an inlet right here you see waves
crashing on the rocks there you get a little bit of roll coming at high tide
but otherwise it’s fine we’re gonna go check it now though little farmers few
restaurants over there. Do you have a lot of possessions? A lot of money in the bank? What does that make you rich? I don’t have I don’t have that type of richness. My Richness is LIFE. Do you love your car Sheldon you’re only? Nice little vehicle. It is, it’s great. What did we sell, a Mazda for this one. We traded in a Mazda for an Achilles 20HP
Well, it’s pretty sweet. Best car I’ve ever owned. Me too, we’ve had some fun in this one. Ty’s Sunset Bar and Grill is up this way
but we’re gonna try out the Ocean Cabin right now I think The Hours. Most days 9 or 10
occasionally as early as 7 but some days as late as 12 or 1 We close about 5 or 6 or maybe 4 or5 Some days or afternoons we aren’t here at all and lately we’ve been here about all of the time Except when we’re someplace else but we might be here then too. So there’s a chance.. You’re telling me there’s a chance I don’t smell food so it’s Sunday. We pick the right days to come in I guess. right off the beach When they say swim with the turtles they’re right off the dock. Look at that Sheldon ain’t no joke so we enjoyed a meal at
Farmer’s at Ty’s now we’re gonna look for a swim
I am smoking hot gotta get in the water It is really hot. I think it’s the hottest I’ve ever felt in the Bahamas. Or Ty’s was hot I’m not complaining. No I’m not complaining but we’re into April, end of April it’s a difference than in the winter, oh yeahJanuary, February. agenda was to check out the pink iguanas
on leaf key and then anchor at Lee stocking we took the inside route and we
left on a mid rising tide this area can be tricky and there are a couple of very
shallow spots especially near East and West
Pimlico keys if you do this passage on Exuma bank side some careful timing may
be needed an d if you draft over four or five feet it may be best to do this
passage on the Exuma sound We are we going Sheldon? The fish awaits. We’re anchored off Island Leaf Cay there’s pink iguanas and I put on
pink nail polish so there are a lot of lizards on this And this is the tour boats that come by all day long We brought our chairs we’re gonna sit
down enjoy the view check out around we’re anchored off leaf
where the pink iguanas were they were real cute last night and there’s this
reef just right here and we went to it yesterday and the barracudas are I think
bigger than me anyways they kind of creeped us out they just we couldn’t
enjoy it we had current we had a ton of green little jellyfish everywhere and
the barracudas were just they wouldn’t leave us alone they were just staring at
us it was creepy who can go 25 miles per
hour so we’re going to go back it’s slack tide we got like a few minutes see the shark it’s a very active reef it’s got at Lee Stocking and we just came
into this beach and there are just trails everywhere so far it’s just beautiful
the gorgeous spot how did you find this? Sheldon always finds the Sea Beans It needs to be cleaned up a little. Wow
that’s our first in The Exumas And we’re going to the sand flats. This looks to be it. it’s not completely out of the water Alright Cyndi is still in the water we found these sea biscuits that are
big as your head, or bigger. sorta like sea biscuits we don’t know what
they are but they’re so fragile there we crush three Cyndi
still want one real bad so she’s fighting the current to come back up where they were so she can get them. yeah we cracked
so many, this one has a crack in But we still are keeping it I know you need to use both hands with
these I guess so