It’s time for NBA basketball here at Staples Center Wizards Lakers on spec from Sports Net Lakers member Casey Pete came back after that two-game suspension three and OH Right now they’re trying to go for and hope for the game and that polkas on him versus John Wall But you know John wall’s gonna be coming anyway get curious In this league everybody comes for you tipped up and and to start the game Really get the job done now imperative to get off to a better start than yes Well that works wonders Taken away good job by Alonzo yeah, that was longer in store wide open shot Well peasant scores make the standing around a little bit nine to shoot seven and a half to go here in the first Grant ahangar looks to get aggressive Rosa Rosa orange jr. With for Otto Porter, Jew now he’s doubled out the shot comes over to Larry Nance with one on the shot clock is fast too soon to jump. There’s a first resort seems like you should switch billet Bradleyb elects it fly. He’s got a pretty jump shot We get out now – John Wall cross sport football move it to the brain It’s way and then it goes The other night in general is still up rolling state in Sacramento on the slate before they go home Bradley Beal where you gonna meet? So they’ve had this season coming around to pick those call well Hope his 20 footer settles in he’s played for so it’s just gonna kind of be whatever shows up that night. It should be innocent Kcp all the way to score what opening was there. He took at the distance Which is the Lakers play defense and they take it away? It’s Clarkson defense table legs and down a go the points in their bench only scored 27 in game There’s the pick and roll you see Jordan there excuse me alcohol is at the quarter that one’s lost underneath taken away With Windows she’s trying to get that fuel golden strata to the trade-in. That’s a difficult shot voting on its way He knows these ribs done dignified outside threat Josh Hart sees a scene kicks it outside Laker balls Will the Clarkson pass underneath stark Josh Hart? They have to have a lot of bulb? Do downtown and is now a two-point game 27:25 splitting two to fetes bugs at our jam quite rotten break on the three-pointer Plays it started by Josh Hart sticking with a now We’re over in triplet order jr. When he shoots it he was stiff to the whole need in 3.27 meets for three again Jody me Hanzo is back in the game with eight and a half to play in the second Corey had a couple of quick styles now Koosman His little Chuck shot is good. Josh Hawes ain’t gonna. Give it up to Josh about Kuzma – and white can protect the rim Don wall Bill just one bucket tonight. He tries to bounce that off the foot and the garbage goes to force caldwell-pope Get a Washington now plenty much acquitted in Bradley Beal for this one down and through nice decision by Bradley Alonso kicks it over to small ball Pope he’s gonna try to baseline Look out five man Caldwell both his third assist The South comes fall asleep a little bit on the weak side Give up and open look like this bounce under the Larry Nance that Lonzo But they let him play on long Runs of all night Shorter player he just throws it ahead knowing Larry can out-jump e nunnery out jumps in gets too fat big on On the baseline and scoring at twice Delta to Do all the way he’ll writes it up a 10-1 the Lakers down by three Whoa we got top Pulls up with just inside the free throw. That’s no surprise Barks and again as we wind it down three just a second three at an event that you look more controllers body wasn’t that position? Wall get shot at the fire. He comes back Yeah, absolutely this first five minutes of the third quarter vital for the records of they give up a layup once screen roles Lopez’s held by The basket boy. He goes down the middle. He goes. What is it about that wasn’t they get a the second chance at it? Lonzo still out of school Boulton Porter, Jr. Nothing said he’s got that extra energy We’re taught bouts underneath. That’s a fine two-man game to Japan John Wall verse Tuskegee goes if he throws throw down with the left hand he prefers to do that with his left Lopez I standed storm at 6:00 only want Laker in double figures To Wizards Beale rattles it in from three. That’s not a surprise He has 223 Phillies last year Lopez you know all of a sudden. He said it’s a five-point game Lonzo lays it off perfectly to Larry Nance double-double working right now with 10 forward and in 16 and 10 Lanza still try to get on the board and guys We usually do thin at this even though it’s how to keep me safe You know when I lift weights, but I can’t look like these guys though the 10th. That’s 5 5 here is Walt You can’t help but notice here this crowd. Just let out a huge roar when that Little bit wash it down so the ghost He lays it up and in Wizards trying to stay on to beat it it could be a putting on all his moods rabbiting rom and 87-69 I want the cool tickets because I think if we think that as it goes up that scores eight straight shots to One of the reasons why they’re down by two Let’s stop with Lonzo ball Bouncing out couscous alone on an island here He goes one on one Spins and shoots and scores it off the missile they try to take advantage of that get this thing this is shot Six and a half you mention a warrant to a growth counter yes Balls cam gives us a new as EDC Oryx down Otto Porter Jr. Again shuttle reaches in continuation count this chair over Here we go Kuzma right side he goes back to close By Gortat painter in the hustle play, that’s good Desperately need to take advantage or under the five-minute mark but pass those plays it out Let’s go a big group tries to tap it ronzo controls it gain CP for three Things down waitress kintyre take the lead themselves Ingram to tie the game And that he keeps momentum, we’ve only had three we changes in the game tied five times in deep Gortat He was right there at the limb, but couldn’t finished and an open underneath in store That’s a hook though made amends their laundry for Lonzo wall all the way. I swatted by bradley business Can ill-afford anymore? Boys shielded with defender ran in Italy England pull up tick Kings got it Dill alive barely Lonzo all the way Lonzo ball underneath ticket Julius is going to try a three-piece And this is that stolen basket over five seconds you gotta get into it, I’m gonna go to the basket all the way To the ladies you think of some shops how about on top divided, but BL starts the overtime within six to shoot Lanza Scoop passed along Grant will give annex the world now stay with Watts back to court get goes picked by Randle Lodge though kicks it out Kuzma Let’s honor the Lakers six men three out of 27 attempts to tie the game that wall Backing up six on the shot clock John wall all the way John Wall. There. Is that first putt on Its way by Trish and get it across caldwell-pope only two on one butter John one who’s got three seconds you’ve got the basket to tie the game