hey mama yes honey try now I love you
but me and Josh are about to do a challenge and loser has to get a tattoo
you better win you better win one worth of food I’m furious this period no more
okay I’ll try my best what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel several months ago we did a video called
basketball trick shot loser gets a tattoo caleb lost and we why are we
doing it again you wanted to either like for the views
not cuz I thought you wanted yeah video did pretty well yeah it’s true this is
it this is it and it was done by everybody’s favorite tattoo artist anyway so we brought her back because
she’s the one who did it so I wouldn’t hurt to do ours again whoever loses
because we trust her because this ended up dope so she’s gonna get set up we’re
gonna head to the court and do a little trick shot challenge for you that’s it
here we go you ready to lose ready for tattoo number two I will say I was
really nervous about the first video because I was really nervous that Cassie
didn’t want me to get a tattoo but when I’m in when I mention that to her she
was like oh I’d like to be okay with it so I don’t want it that I don’t want to
it says not as big of a deal but I don’t want a tattoo we’ve got to dice for
today’s challenge Green is your props red is the spot you’re shooting from
we’ve got a basketball football tennis ball juggling Club and if you roll a
frisbee and if you roll a six its opponent’s choice and he’s gonna give me
the frisbee oh no oh definitely was giving me the frisbee and then the spots
are behind the backboard is spot number one a free-throw spot number two a three
spot number three in at 33 half-court is for opposite three-point line is five
and six is from the park bench every turn you get three attempts to hit your
shot if you don’t get it in three attempts you get a strike three strikes
you’re out you have if you have a new tattoo family rolls prop first okay for for tennis ball 1 2 3 4 good luck
with that you better hope for uh I don’t know what
free throw against me 1 or 2 1 or 2 we need to throw you’ve gotta what the heck yes Oh is he gonna get a early strike
guys drop a comment right now who do you think is gonna win do you think I’m
gonna be getting my first tattoo if so comment Josh if you think Caleb’s gonna
take the L again and get to everyone the first tattoo oh yeah people have been
asking to see it too it heals very well that’s great but
comment Caleb if you think he’s gonna be getting the new tattoo 32 third attempt
you nervous that was it was it are you sure okay I believe you
let me look at the footage for though okay you got it you got it I normally
don’t get nervous shooting but like this is high stakes I was really nervous um
do you have to be juggling six from the park bench that is tough
that’s the only one I would have been just affecting catches it so easily is
kind of annoying Lou backboard Josh gonna get it tattoo josh is getting a tad and when I think
I’m gonna mix it up a more spot first spot first – first you are going crumb and the bench – flaws football backs off
of a one for poop oh wow no way that was very
very impressive also hope I filmed that okay sorry if it was out of frame per
second demo though got a frame doesn’t matter me and you saw it ain’t it
definitely went in geez same time got free throw to this ball
alright Josh I made this see if you can knock it down nice 3210 man hey and the
and the dice we have of the die we have set up to determine what Tatsu you get
is not gonna be a fun a fun game to play roll the dice you might give just roll
the dice I’ll do the same same time okay spot fuller tap tap
we’re five give me five give me five if you roll six that means it’s my
choice I can choose whatever prop he wants from half-court
so let me just grab this little frisbee right here are you sure you told me to
do a basketball yes football yes I’ll even take a tennis ball man
yep you got it yes hey that was pretty good strike number one drop a thumbs up
as soon as he misses right that was terrible
okay one strike for Caleb two for me I got this I’m feeling good feeling good
Josh if you missed this next one you’re getting a tattoo you know that spot
number two free-throw with a frisbee not what I wanted to do a free-throw
I don’t think I think you’re getting a tattoo man it’s windy out here today oh wow you see that man oh man yeah that
wind is crazy Josh before you shoot if you missed this you’re gonna get it you
didn’t even let me finish what I was gonna say oh that’s annoying I’ve never
thrown a phrase like that before I just felt right at the time how did you do it every time underhand is just a way to go
guys football basketball frisbee juggling so I got yep water polo regular
polo on horses that is under hand yeah that’s the way to do it though you’re
just mad cuz you’re about to get another strike no I’m not you were checking a
text right now I’m not just texting please don’t get a tattoo she says that
are you serious juggling Club one uh you missed on Ibiza take me out spot five what a fake out it
was on one and with a basketball shoulder it’s pretty it’s pretty
accurate first attempt one shot one opportunity mom’s spaghetti
oh I thought you were gonna say I would have said it much coming soon Josh this
is just for a horse game or something this is for a tattoo oh my goodness
that’s annoying considering the circumstances as a most
impressive shot I think you’ve ever made because it’s not it’s not like the
toughest shot wedding not because of its like not that warm today but I’m just
like I got really nervous there get a six six and to the bench say with me I got it row five Oh little windy I hear
caleb is this only strike number two though gosh
strike number two coming right I mean football opportunity in it
fucking I have the best ice trolls in the game
do you know easy behind the backboard the basketball why can’t I get that of
all the things you want to I could have I would easily make that I would have
killed them and I get frisbee from the bench I’m all the sudden not happy Josh
you don’t understand where all the dice this is your idea that’s the ones who
viewed the first video so many times they’re two strikes I had nine yeah we
got a ooh from the bench that there’s no way I just sit here no you
can sit and throw if you want let’s play catch ready set go
she’s probably she’s probably ready for us 3 2 1
throw again I was nervous I getting hit in the head so I don’t know if I got it
but a hit front rim number 2 not a bad line dude one more try one more call
your mom tell her you’re getting a tattoo everybody the next scene is gonna
cut right to a needle oh no we got to rid the roll the dice first we have a
little audience show up it’s funny no one comes to my birthday but you tell
them I’m about to get a tattoo because I lost and they all show up yeah beat him
look what do you mean really look behind you let’s see the the dice we have on
the dice number one dad yeah a butterfly that was mine but like better than that
and so I chose three and kayla has Caleb’s choice juggling Josh’s his
Instagram but then I have three of Caleb’s choice on here that was the only
way I was gonna agree to do a dice good vegetable makes sense yeah it’s also
gonna go on his lower back so what do you want
of course what do you want okay okay okay she sees me as a good
father just one day kids this isn’t like a rigged guy or anything I don’t know
you don’t know my life is in the balance roll again
Double or Nothing Double or Nothing what does that mean yeah I don’t know that’s
like you roll again okay but you still to get tattoo okay but at least it’s my
choice yep we didn’t name hey Maura you
thinking about slowly chiseling away I can’t believe in my own house
Caleb’s about to get a tattoo just haven’t subscribed yet make sure you
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don’t know but you pretty comfortable on the table God uses you very protective you want to tilt it right actually we
have to change the subject says a lot the way the leg hurts habits it does Micro this one because we even start so
strong so you never ask the question there’s a difference for the video okay you got titania hey goodness myself
great so it’s like that’s another no you’re looking looking for sympathy in
the wrong room I got on my leg break a leg that’s today’s video everyone thank you
so much for watching Caleb thank you so much for losing I’ve
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