Have you been curious about love magic and
using magic spells to attract a specific person or to bring your ex back? Are you curious to know if manifesting a specific
person with the law of attraction and Neville Goddard’s methods is the same as love magic? Do you want to know if it’s actually a good
idea to combine Neville’s manifestation methods with magick spells? Then make sure to watch this video until the
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manifesting your specific person! So a few of you have noticed that I have many
articles on magick and magick spells on my website and you have been asking if it’s
a good idea to use magick together with manifesting techniques in order to manifest a specific
person. Since so many people have been asking me about
it, I decided to make this video to explain what’s up with that and whether it’s a
good idea to use magic to manifest a specific person or not. Ok, so first things first: the reason you
see many articles on magic when you search my website is because for many years, I was
focusing on teaching magick and doing magick consultations. I taught people how to do magic, or created a plan for them to use magic to achieve specific goals in their life. Since many people who are interested in magick
are also interested in manifesting, when I decided to switch my focus to teaching manifesting,
I didn’t create a new website and I decided to keep using the same website that all my
clients already knew. So that’s why if you dig into the archives
you will find many articles on magick instead of manifestation. So now that we got that out of the way let’s
get to the question that is actually important to many of you: Do I recommend that you use magick to manifest
your specific person, either on its own or in conjunction with Neville Goddard’s methods? The answer to this question is no. I do not recommend that you use magick to
manifest a specific person, especially if this person is an ex that you want to bring
back. Now I know that many of you do combine manifesting
methods with magick, whether that’s spells you do yourself or it’s paying someone to
cast a love spell on your behalf. So in order to explain why I think it’s
such a bad idea to combine manifesting methods with magick in the case of a specific person
and especially an ex, I’d like to explain to you first the difference between how magick
usually works and how manifesting works, so that you can understand what the issue is
and why I’d avoid combining the two in this case. Let’s start with how manifesting works,
since this is probably what you are most familiar with already. There are many different schools and theories
within the broader law of attraction community but as you guys know, I focus on Neville Goddard
specifically, so this is what I’m going to talk about today. As you probably already know by now if you
are familiar with Neville’s teachings and if you’ve been watching my videos for a
while now, manifesting your desires doesn’t work through attracting anything. This is why the term law of attraction is
misleading, because you do not actually attract anything. What happens is that there are infinite parallel
realities, infinite parallel versions of the future, and by focusing on the end result
you want and living from the end, as if this end result is already yours, you navigate
towards a version of the future where you do indeed have what you desire. So it’s not about attracting. It’s about choosing something that is already
created, because according to Neville, Creation is finished. Every possible thing you could ever desire,
every possible version of every possible event is already created. There is no actual past and future, because
every possible version of the past and of the future already exists now. You may perceive time as linear and the future
as something that hasn’t yet happened, but all possible versions of the future have already
been created. And you use your imagination to choose which
version you want to experience. So it’s not about attracting anything, it’s
not about creating anything, it’s not about manipulating the probabilities of something
happening or not happening, and it’s not about forcing anyone or persuading anyone
to do something, or to not do something, or to change their mind about something. Everyone is you pushed out, so it’s never
about attracting anything and it’s never about anyone or anything else. It’s all about you. The focus is 100% on you. You, internally, focus your imagination on
your desired end result as if it’s already a reality, and in time you experience it in
physical reality. For example, if you want to manifest your
ex back, you focus your imagination on you two already being back together and being
happy, and then a series of events happens that leads to you two being back together
in physical reality. That’s why circumstances don’t matter
when it comes to manifesting, because all circumstances were created by you and they
can change simply by changing what you focus your imagination on. Magick on the other hand doesn’t work that
way. The most common form of magic is what is known
as sympathetic magic. Sympathetic magic is the kind of magic where
you perform a series of symbolic acts and if your spell is successful, you will see
these acts reflected in the physical world. Those voodoo dolls you see in movies for example
are a form of sypathetic magic. The use of such dolls -often called poppets- is common in many magickal
traditions around the world, and here’s how they work, in a nutshell. You create a small doll that represents a
specific person, and this doll will often have something that comes from the person
so that it can be linked directly to the person. For example, the doll may have a hair from
your specific person, or you may make the clothes of the doll out of a shirt that your
specific person has worn. Now since the doll is linked to your specific
person -it actually has cells from the skin or hairs from your specific person, actual DNA- whatever you do to the doll or with the doll, you expect your specific person
to do in the physical world. Just to make sure we’re on the same page
though, I’m not talking about what happens in movies, where you can manipulate the person’s
movements and what they say in real time like a puppet. It doesn’t work that way. It’s more subtle than that. For example, a common way people work with
such dolls is by applying certain oils on them that allow you to influence the thoughts
of someone, and then whispering in the doll’s ear the thoughts they want to put in their
specific person’s head. For example, if your name is Mary then you
may whisper in the doll’s ear “you love Mary so much and you feel like such an idiot
for breaking up with her! You want nothing more in the world than being
back together with Mary! You are going to call Mary and apologize and
beg her to give you another chance!”. If everything goes well, then the person will
start having thoughts along those lines and if they decide to act on those thoughts then
they are going to call you. Here’s where things get really problematic
though. As I said earlier, manifestation works through
you. You don’t focus on anyone else. You change your thoughts and this automatically
changes which version of the future you are going to experience. As you can see from the example I just mentioned
though with the doll, magick works by trying to influence the other person. You want something and you are applying magickal
pressure, magickal force, to the other person in order to make them conform to what you want. And people can feel this kind of pressure. When you use manifesting techniques, you aren’t
pushing anyone to change. You are choosing a reality where there already
is a version of this person that is thinking and behaving the way you want. That’s why Neville Goddard said “Go to the end and you will hurt no one”. When you use magick, you actively push a person
to start having different thoughts about you than they were having up until now, and to
start making different choices than they have been making up until now. And people can feel this kind of pressure. Even if someone doesn’t believe in magick
at all, even if they have no idea you are using magick, even if they don’t even suspect
you’d ever think of using magick, if you push someone magickally they are going to
feel it, on some level and to some degree. And the more radical the change you want to
see is, the more intense this pressure you put on the person is. Many people think that if they just throw
every spell that looks relevant on the situation then they are definitely going to get results. And often, what happens is they end up breaking
the whole thing completely. Because if you try to push someone in a direction
that’s radically different to where they want to go, they will either resist you very
very much or -if you somehow manage to be that good at it- they may start thinking they’re
going crazy. Because they are 100% certain they want Yet their mind is suddenly obsessing over the complete opposite thing. So they honestly start doubting their sanity and questioning their sanity. This is why a very common experience among
people who want to bring their ex back with magick is for their ex to get really mad at
them. Like, you haven’t spoken in 3 months and
you haven’t called or texted, you just did a spell or two to bring them back and you
wake up a few days later and you find out that they blocked you on social media, or
left you a message where they are telling you to never ever call them or message them
again. And you have no clue what’s going on. Like why is this person yelling at me not
to contact them again? I haven’t called or messaged them in 3 months! What is going on here?!? What’s going on is that the person is feeling
the pressure of the magick you did. Even though you didn’t do anything physically
to make them feel pressured in any way, you pushed them with magick. And because they feel it and because they
are resisting it and because they have no idea that you used magick on them, all they know is that they feel really mad at you. And they want you to stay away and not talk to them. They are having the same reaction they would
have if you had texted them 60 times when they didn’t want to talk to you. If you accidentally put way more pressure
on someone or on a situation than the situation can take, you can make it completely implode. You can completely ruin your chances of getting
what you want. Ask me how I know this! I once wanted to influence someone and it was
very time-sensitive. This wasn’t even a person I was interested
in romantically. I just wanted to be friends with this person and I wanted this person to cooperate on a project with me. And I had a really really narrow time window to meet this person and befriend them and persuade them that this project is a really cool idea and we should work on this together. Everything was looking good, I had actually met this person before, we were friends online, we spoke every once in a while and this person already liked me. And if I’d done zero magic then chances are that things would unfold exactly
the way I wanted them to unfold anyway. But I wanted to be sure, so I used magick. And since this was very very time-sensitive, and I had a very narrow time window, I
did a ton of magick in a very short amount of time. And things went wrong in the most crazy ways. Like, I couldn’t even get a chance to speak
with that person. It was as if the whole universe was actively
trying to prevent me and this person ever crossing paths. Things just kept getting worse and worse and
worse in a really really bizarre and surreal and creepy way. And I’m not talking months here. I had a one-week window for what I wanted
to happen, and I was in the same space as this person every single day and every time I tried to approach this person to talk to them or they came towards me something crazy would happen. Like someone completely random would barge in and start yelling at me for something completely random I didn’t do and had no idea about, or the fire alarm would go off even though there was no fire, or someone would spill soup or hot coffee on me… like, all. the. freaking. time. 30 or 40 times a day something crazy like that would happen and we would never get past “hello”. And sometimes I didn’t even get the chance to say “hey, how are you today?” cause at that moment something bad would happen before I could utter the word “hello!. It was crazy. It was completely crazy. And somehow after that, it was as if I was
invisible to this person. Like, if I messaged them their phone would
never show them they had a message from me. It would just vanish. And while before that they really liked me,
suddenly I felt that they got annoyed every time they saw me. And absolutely nothing had happened on a physical level that would explain this change in behavior. Nothing. It was just crazy. Now this isn’t what typically happens when
you use magick. This is what happens when you use a lot of
magick on a person or situation and you end up breaking the whole thing. But the thing is that you don’t always know
for sure how much is too much. In my case, it was too much by anyone’s
standards. But depending on the person and the situation,
what you see as just a little little bit of magic may end up being way too much. Especially in some situations like people who have severe emotional issues or mental issues or some mental illness, or addicts, and a few other categories of people can react extremely unpredictably to magickal pressure. And even just a tiny little bit may completely derail things. And you won’t know that until things start
going horribly wrong for no obvious reason. The other reason why using magick to bring
an ex back is a bad idea is because magick doesn’t guarantee results in any way. What magick does is it increases the chances
of something happening. Which is why circumstances matter in magick. For example, if you just met someone and went
out on a few dates and you both had a great time and you do a spell or two to ensure you
end up becoming a couple then let’s say before magick, the chance of that happening
was 70% magic can maybe push it to 90% to 95%. On the other hand, if you had a very nasty
breakup and you use magick the day after your ex moved out, the chances of them coming back
may be 20%. Magick can push it to 40%, but it still doesn’t
look that good. If you want your ex back and you haven’t
spoken in a year and they blocked you everywhere and haven’t unblocked you yet then your
chances may be 2%. You can push this to 15% or 20%, but does
that look good to you? Cause it doesn’t look that good to me. That’s why if you want to hire someone to
bring your ex back, most reputable practitioners who are interested in getting their clients
results and not just take their money are going to ask you how long ago did you break
up with this person, what the breakup was like, what the problems of the relationships were whether you’re on friendly terms with your ex at all or how long it’s been since you last spoke with them etc. And if it’s been a year and they aren’t talking
to you then it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to throw away a ton of money
for spells that are probably not going to bring you any results, and that practitioner is not going to want to take your case and they will recommend magickal work to get over this person instead. In addition to all that, even in the cases
where the magick is against all odds successful and the person does come back, most people
end up breaking up again within a month or two at most -often within just a few days-
because they never did anything to address the reasons that caused the original breakup
and when they get back together with this person, they realize that they are furious
with them for treating them badly and for hurting their feelings and for saying all those nasty things. So they start fighting again. Now let’s look at love magick to bring a person back and manifesting a person back side by side, so that you can see why I am
so insistent that manifesting a person back is by far the best way to go here. Magick is dependent on circumstances. That means that if your circumstances don’t
look good, you’ve pretty much failed before you’ve even began. If they are not talking to you, if they are
with a third party, if they moved to a different state, your chances of getting back with them are really really low here. On the other hand, with Neville’s manifesting
methods, circumstances don’t matter because everyone is you pushed out. So all those things that would bring your
chances of success way down to almost zero with magick, they are irrelevant when it comes
to manifesting. In manifesting, if you want it you can have
it. You can manifest it. Magick pushes people and circumstances, which
means that people are going to feel that pressure and you can’t know in advance how they are
going to react. Maybe they will react to that pressure the
way you expect and want them to react, but maybe they will go and do the exact opposite
of what you want, just because they don’t like being manipulated, even if they don’t
consciously know they are. And in some cases you’re going to bring the person back but you’re not going to bring the very sane version of the person back. Like, if they have obsessive tendencies and you didn’t know about it and you throw a ton of love magick on them the person may suddenly become really jealous and possessive in a not fun way. Like in a way where you don’t feel safe being with them and you fight all the time. So that’s another thing to consider. Manifesting doesn’t push anyone and doesn’t
manipulate anyone, because the only person you change is yourself. By changing you, by changing your own thoughts,
you automatically move towards a version of the other person that already exists. You don’t have to push them to become the
way you want them. So they aren’t going to feel pushed and
they aren’t going to resist you. They don’t even have free will in your reality. You are the only one that calls the shots. Since magic is actively trying to manipulate
the will of another person -whether that’s to a huge degree or just a little- it poses
some ethical considerations. Are you actually ok with manipulating someone
you love? Their thoughts and their feelings and their actions? If you follow a specific religion, is it actually
ok to do love magick? Or any magick at all, for that matter? Cause magick is not allowed in all religions. Those are questions that you will have to ask yourself and to find the answer to
for yourself if you want to be ok with yourself before you proceed to do any magick. Manifesting on the other hand is based purely
on the thoughts you have. You think all day and you imagine stuff all
day anyway. You aren’t doing anything new when manifesting. You can pick the thoughts you want and the
thoughts that align with your desire. Nothing very mystical or forbidden about it. And no ethical considerations, because you
are not manipulating people. You only manipulate your own thoughts. Magick requires physical materials to perform it. Candles, herbs, oils and other stuff. In some cases, some of the things you need
may cost quite a bit, and others may not even be available locally and you may have to get
them online, sometimes even from another country or another continent. Again, ask me how I know this. If you don’t want to do the magick yourself
and you prefer to hire someone else to do it for you, it is going to be even more expensive because whoever
you hire will charge you for the time they spend to do the work for you and you also still have to cover the cost of the materials for the spell even if you’re not performing the spell yourself. The practitioner has to buy the materials for the spell plus offerings to spirits and deities they ask to intervene
on your behalf etc. So no matter what way you choose to approach this, it’s gonna cost you. And you have to be ok with that. Manifesting, on the other hand, doesn’t
require a single physical thing to work. It’s just you and your imagination. Sure, you may want to hire a coach to help
you or you may buy a course and those things cost money, but you don’t actually have
to pay anyone to start manifesting. There are tons of free videos you can watch,
groups and forums online where you can find more experienced people to help you, and all
of Neville’s books and lectures are available online for free. So if you don’t want to spend any money
or if you just plain don’t have any money to spend you can still read everything Neville ever wrote, and listen to his lectures, and those are all full of examples and success stories completely for free and learn how
to start using your imagination to manifest what you want without paying a dime. So far manifesting has scored 4 points in
the what’s the best way to bring a specific person back game and magick has scored zero. So let’s take a look at the last factor,
which is inner stuff that’s in the way. That’s negative and limiting beliefs, past
trauma, whether that’s from this relationship or previous ones, holding a grudge against
your specific person, whether you believe that you can bring them back or not etc. Now these are very important to get out of
the way if you want to manifest your specific person and actually keep them and be happy with them. With magick, believing it is going to work
isn’t that relevant because if you do everything right and your chances are good -even if you
don’t know that your chances are good- you are going to get results. Now in some cases you also get results with
manifesting without having to deal with all the limiting beliefs and the trauma of the
breakup and everything. if your mental diet is really good. So we have a tie here. You can have results with both methods without having to touch all the nasty stuff that’s still there. But….. whether you
bring your ex back with magick or with manifestation methods, if you don’t deal with the stuff
that’s in the way it’s almost guaranteed that you are just going to break up again
soon. You don’t have a clean slate unless you
clean everything first. If they come back and you haven’t resolved
stuff internally and you still think you’re not good enough and you still blame them for a million things and you’re still angry at them you are right back where you were right before the original breakup. Which is why in most cases, when people manage
to bring someone back fast whether that’s with magick or with manifesting they just end up having an even worse breakup soon after. I’ve seen people that took two months to bring their ex back and within 24 hours they were worse off than they were when they started manifesting them And they were so disappointed and they even forgot that they brought them back through their thoughts and their imagination and they can do it again. Like, it’s alright. Just deal with the stuff that’s in the way and you can bring them back and you can actually be together. But it happens. It happens a lot. People just break up again. And the reason most people who contact me want
to use magick is because they are finding it too hard to focus their thoughts on the
end result you want because all the nasty stuff from the past keeps coming up and they don’t want to have to deal with it. I get it. It can be painful. It can be difficult. And sometimes it can take a while to successfully revise a few things from your past or successfully change some limiting beliefs. So they think that magick is a shortcut and
if they use spells then they won’t have to deal with all these things that keep coming
up and making them sad and miserable. Stuff like how hurt they feel that their specific person said all those
nasty things for example, or the memories of them not treating them right. But as you can see, magick is not a shortcut
for that. You cannot avoid dealing with that stuff if
you want to get results and have results that actually last. Don’t get me wrong. Magick, when applied in the right way at the
right time, can bring incredible results in many different circumstances and areas
of life. But especially in the case of a specific person It has really really low success rates even for professionals. And even if it is successful and especially in the case of a specific person,
why would you choose the costly method that’s dependent on circumstances and that actively
seeks to manipulate the will and the actions of another person that you say you love and where results are far from guaranteed,
when you can choose the free method that you can do anywhere at any time without anyone
being the wiser that you’re using manifesting to achieve anything, where circumstances don’t matter at all no matter how bad they look and where
you are not manipulating anyone because everyone is you pushed out? I’ve spent a very long time using magick in my life
and I’ve spent a very long time manifesting, and I have had really really good success rates with both
methods. I’ve manifested amazing, AMAZING things with both methods. And I still think that in this case manifesting
is 100% the way to go if you want results and if you want to avoid complications. Now some of you are probably thinking that
all this is great and you can see how manifesting would work better than magic, but you are
wondering if combining the two would be even better. And the answer to that is again no, for one very
simple reason. In order to manifest consistently and successfully,
you have to truly accept that you are god of your reality. That everyone is you pushed out and that you
have all the power. If you seek external things to help you like
spells and spirits -and if you have read any of my articles
on magick and the spells I have posted on my website you have probably seen that I approach herbs and candles and all physical materials
in magick as spirits with their own free will- so if you start going to external powers for
help then are you operating from I am god of my reality? No you’re not! You haven’t fully accepted that you manifest
everything because everything and everyone is you pushed out, that’s why you are seeking
external help. Now this video is already very long so I’m
not going to elaborate more on that, but I highly, highly recommend that you find and
read or listen to Neville’s lecture called “The pearl of great price” because this
is exactly the topic of that lecture. In case some of you don’t know this, before
Neville learned the techniques that he later started teaching, he was an extremely good
astrologer. And this was something that he had to let
go of completely. Because as long as he saw himself as an astrologer
and as long as he kept believing in astrology and that it had any power over his life and what happened in his life, he
always had an excuse for why he failed to manifest something. Why he failed to manifest this, why he failed to manifest that. Mercury was retrograde, or this planet was
in a bad aspect with that planet and that’s why his imagining sessions didn’t work to
manifest his desire. He spent years perfecting his skills, he spent
years to become a really great astrologer, and in order to learn how to fully be god of his
reality and manifest all his desires, he had to let go of all that, no matter how much work went into it. Now if you’re wondering about other kinds
of magick other than love magick and bringing an ex back -like money magic for example- then they aren’t always so problematic
and you can get good results from it, so you can try it if you feel called to do so. But the last consideration still remains. You are still seeking external help and not
acting from I am god of my reality, and this is going to affect how well you can manifest things with manifesting methods. So that’s something to keep in mind when
making your decision. On the other hand if your background is in
magick and you only recently found out about manifesting and Neville Goddard then I highly,
highly recommend that you give these methods a chance and also that you do the work to
change your limiting beliefs and heal anything from your past that’s in the way. I know way too many people, way too many magicians who are really really
good magicians and they have spent years or decades perfecting their craft and if they do a money spell for example and it doesn’t work they will think “oh
it’s my gods that want me to be poor in this life to be humble” or something like
that. Or “oh that must mean this path was not
meant for me, that’s why I didn’t get that job”. And it’s just their own limiting beliefs
that are in their way, nothing more. They just don’t believe they deserve money, they don’t believe that good people ever become rich, so they keep struggling. It’s nothing more than that. So if magick is your main practice you can
benefit tremendously from doing the type of inner work that manifesting involves, and
you are likely to find that your spells success rates skyrocket if you do this work in conjunction
with any magick. So go read or listen to that lecture called
“The Pearl Of Great Price” and if you liked this video give it a thumbs up, share
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