( music playing )Oh, no, no, no.
What is this place? ( screams )
Oh, hello, little fairy. You going to tell me
this is all a fantastical dream? – Give me your skin!
– ( screams ) – Am I in the bad place?
– You wish. I’m Eda, the Owl Lady.The most powerful witch
on the Boiling Isles.
A witch? Who dares intrude upon
the King of Demons? – ( gasps )
– ( squeaking ) –Angelito!
– Eda, who is this monster?
Oh, this is Luz,
the human. If you teach me
to become a witch, I’ll do anything you want. She can make us snacks. All right, Luz,
let’s start your training. ( gasps )
Please have witchy clothes. Please have witchy clothes. Yes, yes, yes, yes!
( screams )( music playing )( screams )Becoming a witch is my chance
to be someone.
Us weirdos have to
stick together.
( yelling ) Well, I’ve had enough adventure
for today. This is clearly not
the PG fantasy world I always dreamed about. Announcer:“The Owl House”
premieres Friday, January 10.
Lady Luz, do you think love
can bloom on the battlefield? Ooh, hoo, hoo. This quest is questing
in all the right ways.