[Music] hello and welcome to the origin Channel this video assumes you have not played magic duels before if you have you may find the first part about settings interesting and then proceed to the next video let’s say you have just started magic duels you want to select settings that would maximize the efficiency of your gameplay to do this follow the White Rabbit I’m into Corsa go to help and options then settings then graphics and select the configuration that lets you get the best experience the resolution and the quality are of importance because the default values can be lower or higher depending on your rig and once you’re done proceed to gameplay and turn off the options for combat effects this will save you time and help both you and your opponents as you become more and more familiar with the game you will want to turn off all the options here and have complete control over the game without zooming cards on entry and decide for yourself if you would like to use optional abilities if you’re new to magic or would like to refresh the concepts of the game while earning a decent rewards I would advise you to complete the tutorials if you have skipped some of them you may find them in the help and options how to play and selecting them one by one don’t forget that there are easy to miss buttons on the right and left that can navigate between them only the first completion will allow you to earn money but in-game tutorials will help you understand the game better to play against the AI and ranked matchmaking you have to complete the first campaign that consists of 5 games just like with the tutorials once you’ve completed each campaign once doing it again will not yield additional gold please note that if you can save money from the campaign and not spend it on random boosters do so at least until you have decided what you want earning and spending gold will be discussed in the next video an important known for the Gideons first campaigns 5 games only all cards in the decks for both you and your opponent are always identical so there will be no surprises and you will be able to familiar rise yourself with the main concepts of the game all campaigns will give you some gold a free booster from the set and unlock the start across from each respective set please note that not all magic duels cars you see in campaigns are in the game itself you can check by looking at the right corner if it does have a simple magic duels has this card or an equivalent card the full cart pool is available at magic duels helper magic duels weekend and magic duels cardless and you may find the links in the description below when you play other campaigns and be sure to Mulligan and refresh your hand if you don’t have a good opening hand it is also a good idea to restart the game and start any game with no less than six cards in hand you do not get penalized for it in any way as it will be demonstrated against the AI if you find yourself stuck on any part of the campaign you can always check a full walkthrough or magic duels weekend that has all the deck lists for all the campaigns as well as specific advice I have provided the links in the description to this video as an example of the campaign gameplay I will provide a playthrough of the last mundane three campaign I’m sure you will win the first five in this one I’m just going to use it to demonstrate the faces and the main principles of duels our opening hand has been predetermined for this campaign only and most of the cards are not in using duels the sequence of plays here is fixed too so let’s go for it when you make your decks there is only one card you cannot do without in duels and that is the mana source in this deck there is only one mana source in the plains who play out the plains press tab to skip to the second main phase and play out the elite Vanguard for one mana the reason we skip to the second main is that we would not like to give our opponent a clue on what we have in hand what colors and type of decks we use another reason is conditional what cards our opponent has in hand for example he has a removal spell that can deal with the creature that attacks it is better for us if he gets rid of the less valuable creature I’m using tab to go to the attack phase then space to attack with all available creatures and tab to confirm the action this takes us to the second main phase after this I play out another land and cast out to drop that costs two mana to use it to the maximum effectiveness on our opening store you and he temporarily gets rid of our to drop and we can continue without erm we’ll play our owner of the pure enchantment that buffs our creature on our first main phase you go to our attack phase space tab and wait for our opponent to block he doesn’t and it leaves him at 11 life you our opponent plays another creature and doesn’t attack you on our turn and we spin with everything again he doubled blocks our four-power creature with selecting the brain maggot to get back our creature from the eggs I’ll deal three damage with the Vanguard if played against the player we could keep the priests in hand for the future the reason for this is that the priests can temporarily exile our openings creature however this is a campaign and is designed to teach us winning as fast as possible so we are going to resolve the brain maggot at the second main phase you our opponent costs removal spell on the priest and gets back to his free drop you attacking is pointless this turn as our opponent has a creature with toughness bigger than our power we cast our to drop and the second main phase you open and costs another three drop you we cost supply cranes on our first main phase you to add a counter to Vanguard making it a four-power creature and attack with all we have you opponent has to block in order to survive and now has no creatures in play opening place out scary creature with six toughness but can’t block our flying creatures so wait for outer you with swing with the first fly creature you play out the second at the end of our turn and wait our opponent attacks with the creature but we have enough level to sustain and can let the damage through you on our turn we swing with all the creatures because our opponents mana is tapped and he has no more tricks up his sleeve and we win the game now that you have passed this hurdle and hopefully have gathered other starter packs welcome to magic duels and I hope you have an excellent time the main takeaways of this video disable combat animations get the starter decks from the campaign save gold until you get to the next video if possible optionally complete tutorials for extra gold and learn the power of tab and space on PC in the next videos we will discuss how much gold you need to feel comfortable in magic duels how to farm AI efficiently which set to unlock first and continue with the three different starter decks examples thank you for watching and see you in the next video [Music]