Hey my little artists! Today I’m trying
out the M. Asam Magic Finish makeup. I couldn’t find too much about this
company, just what they sell, but I think it’s a German company founded in 1963.
It’s mostly skincare, but they do have some of these makeup products. This
was 24,75 Euros directly from the website. You can also
get it on Amazon and it’s very popular on QVC. I found it on the American Amazon
as well, for 35 dollars and 90 cents. So it comes in this little
cardboard box and when you open it… I already made a dirty, excellent! When
you open it, you get a container like this. It looks quite fancy, I mean, it’s
completely out of plastic, but still. What irritates me though, this is the
product that you get inside. There’s only one color for all skin tones, so this is
the first claim, that it adapts to any skin tone. I really don’t know if this is
gonna happen for me, but we’ll find out! Then it has more claims, so it doesn’t stop
there! It says that it hides redness, pigmentation and wrinkles. Usually
foundation makes texture worse, so I’m thinking this might also help my acne
scarring, as well as my wrinkles. I have a lot of them, if you see them right here,
because I laugh too much, which is not a bad thing. Anyways, it also hides dark
circles, it mattifies and it’s supposed to be a four in one product. So it’s a
primer, a foundation, a powder and a concealer in one product. I am very
excited to try this out! Let me put it on one side of the face first, to see if
there is a difference between the two. The texture is is weird. It’s like mousse au chocolat, that is a little too hard, but okay. I don’t know how much to take of this. It
says you can use like a brush or a sponge and your finger… okay, this looks so dark. It
didn’t specify, it it feels most natural for me to use my fingers with this, so
let’s see what happens. So far I’m looking orange on this side. Let’s see if
that still changes. Oh my God. Well okay, it feels really nice on the
skin. It’s very, very smooth. I can tell, definitely, that it is mattifying and it
is concealing some stuff. Hmm, it’s looking lighter now, isn’t it? Still looking a
little tanned, don’t get me wrong, especially here in my hairline. Let me blend that in
a little more. Okay, now it’s dyed my hair, excellent! I mean this side definitely
looks better than this side, but it’s also still… it’s getting a little lighter?
How is it doing that? I don’t understand. It’s definitely not like… it’s very, very
light coverage. I mean you can still see my keloids here, all these scars are
still there, my chin is still kind of red. I’m excited to see what it does to this
little situation right here, but it did get lighter now. It looks like it’s
actually my skin tone, just maybe like a smidge tanned?
I will try and see if this is a little buildable as well, but first let me
finish this side. I think I’m taking a little too much product as well. It’s
crazy how this is like changing color. How did it do with my wrinkles? Okay, I
still have wrinkles. That is disappointing. I thought I would be
wrinkle free with this. I guess I do have to get Botox or what do you put on wrinkles? Do you
put hyaluronic acid on wrinkles as well? Oh and by the way, so I only have
moisturizer and hyaluronic acid on my skin right now. I have combination skin,
so I get an oily nose and my chin is kind of oily, my forehead is a little dry
and the rest is kind of dry. I have acne scars, as you see and a lot of
pigmentation errors, but you can see all of that. I’m still glittery! Never doing
a glitter eye look again! It feels really nice. So it feels like I have nothing on
my skin and my skin right here is so velvety smooth. Okay, so it definitely dyes your
hair, so be careful with that. Okay, I am pretty amazed at this. It looks great and
it feels great. It is kind of like a BB cream, only nicer. You know how BB creams
sometimes feel very oily and you’re just like, I know this is
gonna break me out. This doesn’t feel like that at all. Let me try and build up
the coverage a little bit, in the areas where I need more. They did a pretty
decent job of covering up these pimples as well. I mean, you can still see them.
It’s obviously not like a high coverage concealer, but I’m so… I am so amazed.
Wow, cat hair in my eye, excellent! I do feel like I’m a little
more tanned though, than I am usually, so it does darken the skin a little bit. Also, I
worry how this works with really deep skin tones. I would love to try that on
someone. Does someone want to be my model? I’ll do the rest of your makeup as well,
don’t worry, but I would love to see how that works. So it’s kind of buildable as
well, as you just saw on my nose there. I mean, it’s doing nothing for the dryness
around this… the circle? The pimple. It really does feel like, I mean, it’s not
you know, it’s not making my pores more visible, but I don’t think it’s making
them less visible either. My wrinkles are just same. I mean I’m gonna show you the
before and after picture they put on their website, which I mean, what did they
use like except photoshop? That’s not gonna happen, but this does feel nice. So I’m
gonna finish the rest of my makeup now. I’ll check in again and then we will see
how this wears during the day; and before I forget, it is 12:00 noon right
now, so I will at least wear this till 8:00 p.m. Now I look better don’t I? So the
blending was actually really nice on this makeup. I felt like I didn’t need
powder. It worked out really well. Okay, that looks a little line-y there. Let me
just go over that again, but it honestly, it blended very, very well. I didn’t feel
like there was a difference. Usually when… I barely ever only wear foundation
without powder, because just my skin is too oily for that,
but it worked very well. I’m very impressed so far. I’m just excited to see
how this will hold up with my oils and all of that and if it’ll look terrible.
Um it does… I have to say, it does accentuate
dry patches though. Like you know, where my… I don’t have any like dry patches
just solely on my skin right now, but where I have pimples. Let me zoom in on
my nose real quick. Oh that is very close, but can you see that on my nose? How it um…
how it looks very, very drying? Let me focus on there. Yeah, and I fear… it looks
nice on the rest of my skin, obviously it’s not super full coverage, but I feel
like it’s probably gonna accentuate dry flakiness, if you have very dry skin,
this is probably not for you. I mean, it’s mattifying, so you’re
probably not gonna reach for a mattifying product anyways, but just to
let you know. Now I will show you what it looks like with flash photography and
also in natural daylight and then I’ll check in later, to tell you how it’s
holding up! Okay, so I’m sitting in front of a window
right now. I think it looks nice. I don’t know, I can’t really tell in the…in
the viewfinder. I guess I’ll see when I edit this video, but it looks really nice.
Let me turn around to a more shade, okay, now you can’t see anything, that was
pointless. Let me turn back around, right to the
window. This lighting is great! I wish daylight was
more reliable, so I could use it, but anyways. This is what it looks like in
daylight. Okay I just did some rigorous cleaning and the makeup held up pretty
well, I’m a little bit greasy, like it’s rubbing off of my chin a little bit.
That’s quite normal. It’s kind of completely off of my pimple
right here, so I’m thinking that, when I get oily or a little sweaty, that it
doesn’t do very well with that and it kind of breaks up. Let me check the time
real quick. It is 2:52, so it’s not been that long. To
be honest, it should still really look perfect, without me doing anything to it.
I’m gonna add a little bit more on my pimple, because I’m going outside now to
do grocery shopping, so I do want that to be a little bit more covered, but I’m gonna
leave the rest. I’ll check in later. All right my loves, it is now 8:06 p.m.,
to be exact, and I’ve been wearing this for eight hours.
I look pretty greasy, it could be worse to be honest. Let me zoom you in a little
more, so you can really see what’s going on. I think it has just basically rubbed
off everywhere. I mean, it’s not covering my pimples at all anymore.
I’ve even, you know, I’ve gone over this pimple twice and now it’s, it’s back being red
again, so I think it’s just kind of rubbed off, but it’s not broken up in a
weird way. It doesn’t look very terrible, you know, it looks a little weird on my
nose here, but it looks pretty good, pretty decent still; and the advantage
you have of having only one product that you’re using, so you’re not setting it
with powder or setting spray or anything in that… like that. It’s very easy to
reapply, so I just went ahead..got.. went ahead and like, put it a little more on
there and it blends in perfectly with the other… the rest of the product, so
that is definitely an advantage. So in conclusion, does this product do
what it promises to do? Absolutely not. To me, this is a BB cream alternative. It is
a very simple way of just putting some… something on your face, that makes you
look a little more put together, a little more covered than if you have nothing on,
but it doesn’t reduce your wrinkles, it doesn’t cover everything, you’ll still
have to use a concealer if you have very dark circles, if you have pimples like me,
you might want to use a concealer to even… to cancel those out as well. You
will not achieve that with this product. I am gonna continue using it though,
because as I said, as a BB cream alternative, I’m really liking it! I like
the texture, I like the way it makes my skin look and I like the way that it
doesn’t feel as oily and as kind of comedogenic as a BB cream would, even if
it’s not… even it’s just in my mind, but the psychological effect to me is there.
The other thing I have to say though, look at my eye makeup. Do not use this
solely as an eye primer. It is pretty much gone. It does not look good, use an
eye primer if you’re using this. Don’t just assume that this works as well as
using a concealer and a setting powder. So today I learned, don’t use this as an
eye primer, but yeah in general, happy with this product, unhappy with the way
it’s advertised. If they just advertised it in the way in what it was, I think it
would be a lot more honest and I still think people would buy it; but this is
just dishonest. So I’m not sure I can recommend it, just solely based on that,
but you’ll have to make that decision for yourself anyways. I’m just here to
give you the facts. Really hope you liked this video! You can always subscribe, you
don’t have to though, it really doesn’t, you know, it matters to me a little bit,
because I want you to stay with me and communicate with you, but in the end, do
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