This is the story of a magician that in the zenith of his carreer fails in his big show his trick fails so he gets depressed, old and starts drinking so he never tries that trick any more so the story is about if he will try again to do the trick or not the trick that gave him all the fame I started animating in May in this space and I am very happy with everything with the results with the puppets that we build with Heather Colbert and me and with edu’s armature this is the main character it’s Corelli the magician and we did it in one month, in one month we made the two puppets the hands are a little bit translucent it is silicone, it is Dragon Skin they are a little transparent they are a wire armature and dragon skin in a mold this is the hand finished in silicone in fact is one that did not end perfect so we discarted breaks the hands in wire? yes specially the wrist because we didn’t prevent to make it thicker or something and some of them have broken but the fingers not I believe because they are so long I have not had problems with the fingers in fact there is a shot that I had to operate it in between frames I had to cut it and insert a wire around the wrist to support the wires that were loose to end the scene and then I replaced them trust in wires as they will not break is a little bit dangerous on of the puppets has wire armature and the other one has pro skeleton a kineticarmatures armature and it is more convenient work with a ball and socket one but but you can get exactly the same with wire now I show you Corelli when he was young the armature is made in wire it never broke, except for the wrists and here we used this parts from electrical connectors to make the tie downs of the puppet and in the head you can unplug and it has no pupils, because both the pupils and the ands are the same in the two puppets so we used the same because we had no time to make dupplicates we have all the time that we would like to here we print the frames from the animatic or the storyboard and for the extra ones we make them in pencil and the others from the 3d animatic and this is organised by weeks those are monday, tuesday, wed… from the week of 26 to 2 this is useful to organise all the shots depending on the sets what day I animate each or it has to be lighten… you also have days off in fact it is out of the calendar because I could not do any day off and you have the end here? well yes, but, this is not really updated, this is the day that I leave home That I have the flight to Galicia there are scenes that I will end in january so this does not correspond with the reality so this is your studio this is a warehouse from the school the store lights in here and they allow us to set up the studio also show here your storyboard all full of cross outs, that is one of the most satisfying things when you finish a shot cross out and here I have a count down with the shoots I have to go only 10 form 80 that composes all the shortfilm and you have used all kind of materials, silicone… silicone and resin, from smooth on, varnish, talcum, pantings, glues… This is a idea from Miki Emes and he is building the sets with me, he uses it to make grass here you can see it this is the sidewalk, that it’s a part that you can remove from the set all the grass is from the broom has light the streetlight? yes yes the trashes you have shared in instagram exactly, they are a pencil cases with that shape it was so useful and the newspaper it is made with cinefoil two layers of paper and in the middle cinefoil it is like an aluminium sheet that we use in photography and the good about it is that you can animate it how long it took to make that scene that one I made them in one day because when it is only one thing it is fast but then the scenes where the magician is playing with the newspapers with those I was 2 days and with one of them I was 3 days and you are animating at ones? yes, normally, I use twos for the pauses when the movement is very tiny in the screen, it could be because the character is far or because is a very subtile movement then I use twos, and it works really well so it is a combination of both in a same scene I can switch from ones to twos depending on what I need those details this is from Miki he is a fan of compiling any type of small things he always comes here with bags full of things and finally everything has a second live this for example is a zipper to make a padlock this light is working now great so then you are going to shoot a travelling this is a scene where the newspaper is coming flying then I will fix it directly in this rig that is connected to the camera also I have here a winder that it will allow me control the movement up and down and at the same time you will move camera I will do it manually in this shortfilm I have done all manually with a ruler this is your mark some scene I use this disc with angle numerations to control the rotation everything manual old school on instagram I will be posting all when I finish the shooting I will have more time to share things you can visit @abcarbajal all the news from the short scenes, timelapses or things that I make perfect, so, thank you very much!