Yeah! Oh, oh no. Don’t be late! Don’t
be late! Oh! He-hello boys and girls! Look. I’m riding a bike! Yeah! And what colour
is my bike? That’s right! It’s yellow! I’m going to the airport to catch a plane,
whoa, with Maggie. I don’t want to be late. Hey, say with me. What is it? It’s a yellow
bike. It’s a yellow bike. It’s a yellow bike. Faster. It’s a yellow bike. It’s
a yellow bike. It’s a yellow bike! Hey! Oh, stop! Oh, look! Oh… It’s one hundred
kilometres to the airport! Oh, no! I’m going to be late. Oh, I wish Maggie was here to
help. Oh… Grr… Oh, Steve… Where is Steve? Oh… Oh, silly Steve. Hah, hey boys and girls!
Steve is too slow. He’ll be late to catch the plane! Let’s help with a little Maggie
magic! Ha-ha. Abracadabra! Oh-oh… wow! Hey! I’m in a car! I’m driving a car! Oh, I
don’t need my bike helmet now, do I? No! Oh-oh, great! I’ll be on time for my plane!
Hey, what colour is my car? Yeah! It’s white. So, say with me: It’s a white car. It’s
a white car. It’s a white car! Oh, this is great. Yay! Oh no! Oh, what’s the matter?
Oh, no! My car has broken down! Oh… Where’s Maggie when I need her? Oh… Oh, no! Hah-
Look boys and girls. Steve’s car is broken. Grr… Hah. He’s going to need a little
more Maggie magic! Yeah! Abracadabra! Whoa! Hah… Hahaha. Hey! Where am I? I’m on a
coach! Oh, no! But where is the coach going? Oh, great! It’s going to the airport! Oh,
I can relax and enjoy my journey on this coach! Hey, what colour is the coach? Oh, what colour
is it? Yeah! It’s blue! So, say with me: It’s a blue coach. It’s a blue coach.
It’s a blue coach. Well done! Oh, no! What’s the matter? Oh, a traffic jam! Oh… I hope
I can get to the airport to catch my plane! Oh… Oh! O-oh. Look, he stuck in a traffic
jam. Oh! Hey! What doesn’t get stuck in a traffic jam? Ha-ha. Yeah! A motorbike! Time
for some Maggie magic. Hi-hi. Abracadabra! Whoa! Ha-ha… Oh, hey! Look! I’m not stuck
in traffic now. No, because I’m riding a motorbike, yay! And what colour is my motorbike?
What colour is it? Yay! It’s red! It’s a red motorbike. Say it with me. But you have
to be loud! What is it? It’s a red motorbike. It’s a red motorbike. It’s a red motorbike.
Yeah! Great! This is much faster than a bike, a broken car or a coach stuck in traffic!
Yay! But, hey! I’m getting slower. And slower. And slower! Oh, no! Oh, look! What’s the
matter now? Yeah, I’ve got a flat tire. Oh… I’ll never get to the airport now!
Oh… Oh, no! O-oh. Steve’s motorbike has got a flat tire! Oh… How can I help him
now? Oh… he’s going to be late! Oh… Grr… Oh, ha-ha. Look. A train! Yeah! Time
for some Maggie Magic! Whoa… Abracadabra! Whoa! Hey, where am I? Oh, listen! Oh-oh!
I’m on a train! Oh, great! I love riding on trains! Do you? Yeah? Great! Hey, what
colour is this train? Yeah! It’s orange. So, say with me: It’s an orange train. It’s
an orange train. It’s an orange train. Yay! Great! Oh, no! What’s happening?! Uh-oh…
Ha-ha, it’s a tunnel! Silly Steve! We’re here at the airport! Great! Oh, no! Where
is the train? Where is the train? Oh-oh, Steve is going to miss our plane! It’s leaving
now! Look! Oh, hahaha, hey! Steve’s on the plane! Yeah! Hey, oh, boys and girls, that
was lucky! I’m on a plane! Yay! Hey, what colour is the plane? Yeah! It’s purple.
So, say it with me: It’s a purple plane. What is it? It’s a purple plane. What is
it? It’s a purple plane. Yay! And I’m off on my holiday! Oh, wait a minute… Where’s
Maggie? Oh, no… Hey, I’m here Steve! Steve! Hey, wait for me! Hey, Maggie! You’re late!
I can’t believe you missed the plane! You naughty, naughty bird! What? Hey! Grr… Abracadabra!
Whoa! Hey! Oh, Maggie! Hey! Stop! Wait for me! Hi-hi-hi. Oh, what a naughty, naughty
bird! Maggie!! Ha-ha, that’s Maggie magic. It’s Steve and Maggie! Oh… Ah, the sun’s coming up. Oh-oh! Good
morning boys and girls! It’s time for breakfast. Yeah!
It’s Saturday today, no school! I can have my breakfast slowly. Hey, say with me and
pet your tummy. Say: I can have breakfast. I can have breakfast. I can have breakfast!
Yeah! I love breakfast! Steve! You can’t have breakfast! I can have breakfast! You
can’t have breakfast, your bedroom’s messy! There are socks on the carpet and pants on
the bed. Tidy your room! Okay mom. Uh… Maggie. I’ll go and tidy my bedroom. Huh… Ah!
(Speaking in a high voice). Uh, huh… I’m finished! Okay, I’ll just have a little
rest. Ah… Uh! Oh, dear! Oh, I fell asleep! Oh. Oh, I’m hungry. Oh, he-hey! I can have
breakfast! Oh no, look. The sun’s up. And it’s not breakfast time anymore. No. But
I can have a snack. Yeah! It’s snack time! Oh, look at all these delicious snacks! Oh-oh!
I can have a snack! Yeah! No, you can’t have a snack! Yes, I can have a snack! No,
you can’t have a snack! Yes, I can have a snack! You can’t! The living room is messy!
There’s a toy train under the table, a boat by the TV and toy cars on the sofa! Okay,
Maggie. I’ll go and tidy the living room! Then I can have snack. Uh… Here we go! (Speaking
in a high voice). Huh! Oh, hey! Oh, I really like this! Oh, great! Oh, that was great!
Oh and hey! I forgot to have a snack! Oh and look! It’s too late for a snack now. It’s
lunch time! Oh-oh, great! I can have lunch. Yeah! You can’t have lunch! I can have lunch!
No! Why? There’s a problem in the basement! Oh no! What’s the problem in the basement?
Oh… Oh, oh! Oh, no! This is a big problem. Bigger than I thought! Oh, this will take
a long time! Pff… finished! Wow! I’m really hungry now! Oh but look! The sun is going
down! It’s not a lunch time, no! It’s dinner time! But hey! Dinner is bigger than
lunch, so hey! I can have dinner! Yay! Dinner time, dinner time, dinner time! He-hey! I’m
so hungry! And it’s dinner time! Great! I can have dinner! Steve! Stop! Maggie! I
can have dinner! You can’t have dinner. I need help! There’s a cat in my tree! Oh,
Maggie! Okay… I can’t have dinner. I can’t have dinner… I have to go and help Maggie!
Look! It’s a cat! Puss puss puss puss puss puss. Huh… Ruff ruff! Hmm… Woof woof!
Shoo shoo … Go away! Oh-oh! I’m hungry! Waah! Bl-bl-bl… Grr… Shoo! And stay out
of the garden! Oh… Oh no! Look. The sun’s gone down. It’s too late for dinner. I can’t
have dinner now. Oh, but I can have supper! Oh… I’m so hungry! I could eat anything!
Steve! Supper’s ready! Oh… Chicken for supper! Mmm… Chicken for supper! Hey! Come
here! Lovely juicy chicken! It’s me! My supper! My supper! It’s Maggie! Nooo!
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