[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Charo. Watch Marvel make me a hero. [MUSIC PLAYING] I always wanted to be a writer. And then when I started
college, one of my classes was a seminar. And every week we had
to go to the newspaper. And once I went
into that newsroom, I knew that that was it. I was a goner. I’m born and raised
in Puerto Rico. When I moved here
four years ago, I started to understand
better representation, and understand what those
intersections of my identity actually mean. And I’ve always been
kind of a storyteller, so for me journalism, as a
vehicle to tell those stories and to elevate those voices,
is a very, very powerful thing. Most recently, we went
to see Spiderverse and my universes collided. Because Miles Morales’
mom speaks Spanish, and she’s Puerto Rican. And seeing somebody like
me, and somebody like Miles, who shares my culture
and shares my identity, is something so powerful. And it goes back to
the representation, and that is truly a superpower. Because I come from a family
of educators, and the work that I do is training. For me, the most powerful
thing I do and I get to do is understand kind of what
other people’s problems are, and then help them how to
figure them out themselves. I think magic would just
be like a cool thing to be able to have. Change is very hard, so
working in an environment where you are the person who
is kind of fostering change, and leading change, or being
an agent of change is hard. And that’s kind of where
like, a little bit of magic, a little bit of empathy,
and some cookies help. I’d like my hero
to look like me. I’m 5′ 10″, so I’m quite tall. I’ve always had long black hair. Obviously, I’m Puerto Rican,
and I’m a brown Puerto Rican. So I’d like her to be brown. I usually do red lips, and I
feel that that’s my war paint. And that’s a thing that
I feel that my words are more powerful. Her outfit, I would
like it to be black, because I wear a lot of black. And I like gold. Just for her to have,
you know, a little shine, a little shimmer. I think I would have my secret
identity in the newsroom so people don’t know. And then, would go
out to the street, maybe to help find
stories, and then I’d be my superhero identity there. But I don’t know that I would
tell people in the newsroom that I’m that superhero too. [GASPS] I love her! Oh, she’s so cute! I love her hair. She has a magical
coquí on her shoulder. That is amazing! I love the detail in the
chest plate of the green and the red flowers. I love the goal
details on the legs, and the arms, and the hands– those gloves. But she a magical
coquí on her shoulder. It’s like a glowing coquí. Coquís can’t live
outside of Puerto Rico, so I’m a coquí in New York. So I love that she has a coquí. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SOUND EFFECT] Thanks, Marvel. For making me a hero.