hi everybody welcome to Johnson Party
six so today I’m going to be doing magic card tricks by McKay as for each trick I want to do
I will be showing you guys how to do it or other people let’s begin this is the
first trick trick I will be tying a tie around my neck and I’m pulling out we
will see that again kento here’s how you do it
so you put it around your neck and you get your and then you get your right
hand and you put it down and your left hand above it and you got your right
hand and put it over your neck so it forms a loop and that’s just hanging
there and it forms a loop you can kind of watch all of it and you might want to
just keep your thumb in there and then they don’t have it like that and hide
the loop behind it this part so like hide it behind that so you don’t see and
it just pull it so tie through the neck trick trick
number two these two strings here and they are going to magically go together
three two one and magically together I’ll show you guys how to do it now pretty awesome huh trick number three
pick a card any card guys have it memorized you have
memorized okay spot in there okay now I go behind my
back say the magic words abracadabra yes and
then I take it out and then was this your car hmm no here’s how you do it so
I have just a plain deck you just need deck of cards and and the
bottom card you flip it upside down um and you girl pick a card any card but
you don’t want to go too far that they see that so you just do a pick a card
any card and then they memorize the card and then
when they’re memorizing it I flip the deck over and then I say put it in and
you guys put it in somewhere and then when I go behind my back I flip this
card over and then I turn that over so it okay guys fucked it upside down and
then all of it it will be magically over trick number four but would you jus now now is how you do
it all you need is is sticking out and you take one and you just cut it and you
might want to trim the top a little and then you just put it right there and you
walk it with these two fingers and then when you go fast they won’t see it like
this trick number five this one’s my dad’s
favorite and I’m sure you guys like it too okay so I have this card and I’m
gonna make it float I’m gonna try and get it to lift up got it now here’s how
you do it any card of any pile and you just get
your two thumbs and move it back here and it looks really cool when you’re on
the other side see and then and you can do on both sides too that’s how you do
the floating card trick okay so here is trick number six I’m gonna be ripping a
coin okay so you have a coin that okay and now I’m going to rip this coin
inside here what’s that behind your here he is
sticking out and if I were you I would cut less sticky part off and then make
it more square it sounds like that and then place it in the middle and they’d
be looking at that side but you fold it not very much on that side then a lot on
that side but and then you slide it so it’s like that and you fold that down
then you fold that down and when you turn it make it a little loose and then
have that coin fall out and you’re gonna strip it there you go
boom boom what here it’s time for trick number seven I’m gonna balancing this
dollar doe on my okay so here’s how you do it you all
have a dollar bill and you just fold a coin in it and you’ll have it like this
have it like make sure it doesn’t fall out make sure it doesn’t fall out and
then you’ll have it eight Troy mm-hmm so let’s shuffle the cards so you know I’m
not cheating see cheating charlie you can see how they’re all different
okay um and then you guys I’m tell me when to stop
okay tell you choose right here okay I’m gonna guess this card that she
landed on and I’m gonna guess the 10 of diamonds okay and you guys can guess if
you want but I’m guessing you think it’s gonna be the ten of diamonds Charlotte
what white okay so this is how you do it you just need a deck of cards and you
want to know that top card so the top card is two of diamonds Andy or you can
tell them to shuffle it and then they shuffle you know and you’ll go through
and say they’re all different and then in order to take a quick peek at the top
card and it’s ten of diamonds and then you’ll ask them tell them to stop say
let’s say it stop right there and then you would want to
grab it and then you would want to grab it like this and sure just filled in and
put pressure on the top card and your finger right there so I’m making sure
they connect and you put pressure on that and you just slide it out fast and
then you move into place and today I’m gonna guess it two of diamonds then it’s
a two of them thanks for watching and these are my
magic tricks magic tricks from UK and be sure to subscribe to our channel and
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