Hello everyone, I’m Kelly Acheson at astampabove.com – today I’m going to show you how to make a magic envelope card.
This is an old technique that we made many years ago and now we don’t have the
tool we used many years ago to make it so I’m going to show you how easy this
is without it. This is a magic envelope card and it opens up and you can put
your message right inside put a postage stamp on the front, address your card and
drop it in the mail. Let me show you how to do this. So the supplies you’ll need
to make a magic envelope card will include a piece of designer series paper.
This piece is 8-1/2″ by 11″ and it comes from the Tearoom specialty
designer series paper – this is a little lighter weight than regular designer
series paper. It’s not absolutely necessary but it does work really good.
Then we’ve got a piece of Rich Razzleberry that’s 5-1/2″ by
4-1/4″, a layer of Whisper White that is 4″ x 5-1/4″
and then a scrap of Rich Razzleberry. The first thing I’m going to do here is
take the smallest stitched shape square and I’m going to die cut a
little square out of my Rich Razzleberry scrap. We’ll just set that aside for
right now then we’re going to get to work on our designer series paper. The first
thing that you need to do is decide which color paper or which print do you
want to be on the inside and which do you want to be on the outside and
because this is such a busy print I’m going to keep it for the inside. The outside
is going to be a little less busy with the stripes. We’re going to take a ruler and
from the bottom right corner we are going to measure up 3-1/2″
inches and don’t worry, this is all the measuring you’re going to have to do. I just
put a little pencil mark right here and we’re going to bring in our Rich
Razzleberry layer. Now I’m just going to eyeball this and what I want to do is
place it right on that little pencil mark and make sure that
I’ve got it centered here and I want a perfect triangle at the bottom of this
layer. Once you have that and it looks good, it looks like it’s even, we’re going
to take this left side and we’re going to press it up against our Rich Razzleberry
layer. I’m just kind of smoothing my hand in here on the side, holding my
paper down, and you’re going to fold that and then burnish it with a bone folder.
We’re going to do the same thing to the other side. I’m kind of pressing my hand
over here, and we’re going to also fold that one. So you’re going to do the left side
then the right side and then the bottom. Now this is an old fun fold from years
ago when we used to have the diagonal plate for the Simply Scored. We don’t
sell that anymore so it’s gosh – how can I recreate this? This is easy right? Now
you’re going to look for your layer of cardstock in here and you’re going to want
to push this edge up against it again as tight as you can, and I’m just kind of
giving that a little bit of a push, and now you’re going to want to make sure that
this edge right here is lined up good with the side of your magic envelope
card before you burnish it. We’re going to keep folding – this piece is
going to come down just like this and again we’re going to burnish it good. This little
layer is really just for looks, you don’t have to have this, but you would just
simply once you’re done writing in your card you’re going to put some adhesive here
and I would recommend liquid glue or tear and tape so your card doesn’t pop
open in the mail, and that’s how you’re going to close it. But just for the
purposes here of letting you know where your stamp is going to go I’m going to put
this little piece on here and I can put a stamp on here and glue this whole
thing down. So completely up to you. The next thing I’m going to do is bring in an
Avery label and put that right on the front. I
could certainly write right on this designer series paper but I just wanted
you to know that your address is going to go here. I’m going to put my return address up
here and now what are we going to do with this inside? Well we need to adhere this
to the inside of our card and I’m just going to pull this edge up so that I
know I’m getting this in here where it belongs, and all my fold lines will
continue to work before that glue sets up. Make sure everything is going to
fold left right and then bottom. Okay everything looks good here and we’re
going to do just a little bit of stamping, and of course you could stamp an image
and a happy birthday greeting or whatever it is that you might need. I
chose to use the ‘Love What You Do’ stamp set because I love the greetings in here
and I needed some little flower images. I’ve got Memento black ink here and I
chose the greeting that says “I’m lucky to have a friend like you” and I’m going to
use these for just all occasion, writing a note to a friend. so I’m just going to put
that right in the bottom right corner then I’m going to come in with some little
flowers from the same stamp set and add those right up here. Just a little bit of
decoration in there. We’re going to put this on the inside of the card, now we’re going to fold it back up because
I would also like a little bit of decoration on the front here. I chose
one of the little sprigs- I’m just going to add that right over here because well
why wouldn’t you right? I have a couple other samples to share with you –
this one is also made out of the Tearoom specialty paper and again it’s just
going to be for a note that I can send to a friend. Then we have this one and
again the same greeting inside of it. These are really fun and they make for
interesting mail, and it’s a great way to use up that designer series paper that
you’re hoarding so you can get more. I hear so many times, “oh I can’t get any
more designer series paper I have so much!” Let’s use it! Make some of these up
and go get yourself some new designer series paper. Thank you so much for
joining me for this tutorial today – I have a lot of other great ideas on my
blog at www.astampabove.com. Have yourselves a wonderful day. Bye bye!