hello in this video we’ll talk about how magic level effects an idea in their hunts and also talk a bit about magic level in general I will show how one magic level point can affect a night’s healing to demonstrate this I will test security codes with magic level 13 magic level 14 and magic level 22 this tests are just a series of x-ray shows to get the average healing done with each magic level the character had a level of 934 at the moment of these tests let’s check it out [Music] as we can see what might plural point increases the average of each actuary Co Maxine Lowe at this point stack up and make the difference in the long run and now let’s talk about magic leveling B’s mic leveling this could be worth getting only if you specifically rely on actual rate goes to hunt that way you can avoid using healing potions that are always more expensive than manna for Knights but this is something that is readily viable besides tier 3 magic leveling bees for Knights are only available in all helmets that are already imbued and those cannot be imbued again there is a possibility to get tier 2 Envy with Falcon coat but only 2 magic level points make it not so good this lot is better used for +4 MELAS killing you also magic level training is too expensive on nights you will benefit more by training your melee skill so don’t consider this as a solution for boosting your healing and last magic level does not affect any attack spells only damage rooms like avalanches are affected by it so to summarize don’t in be magic level even be skilled instead but you can imbue magic level only if you hunt in places where you barely use healing potions don’t train magic level it’s too expensive trained melee skill instead magic level does not affect your attack spells damage only damage dealt with rooms and that’s it for this short video I hope this helped you understand how magic level works for Knights and if you have any doubts leave them in the comments below see you later bye bye