First off all we need bootable raspian ( a kind of linux version of raspberry pi) You can use BalenaEtcher free software for bootable sd card. download at proper version for your pc. and need a iso image for raspian. I prefer full raspian iso at select raspian os file I used 32 gb micro sd card. I guess 8 gb version enough for raspberry pi and magic mirror. select micro sd card and click to start if you get an error with mac os catalina. you need start balena from terminal. I will add info to description area and our bootable micro sd card is ready. I prefer Raspberry Pi Model 3 B for Magic Mirror 2. It is suitable for us insert micro sd card to Pi we need keyb oard and mouse for once. after the setup we will do every settings with remote ssh connection . starting rapsberry pi don’t forget this password if you have a black border check the option. setup wi-fi after the wi-fi setup go to pi configuration on pi and select interfacing options choose ssh and choose finish black border is gone. you can learn network ip address of your raspberry pi. please note this ip address because you will be need for ssh connection use command “hostname -I” *capital i open terminal and go to “home” directory with basic terminal code like “cd” and “ls” one line bash code will setup magic mirror 2. it is very easy ha? you can find code at it will be take time. be patient. Voila! and we can plug Pi to mirror monitor. we dont need keyboard and mouse anymore we need rotate screen to 90 degree open terminal on your pc or mac. connect to pi ip address with ssh. go to boot folder and open config.txt “sudo nano config.txt” add one line top of the document. “display_rotate=2” and your screen will rotate 90 degree to clockwise save the file and run reboot command on terminal. if magic mirror doesn’t turn on automatic. reestablish ssh connection and go to magic mirror folder under the home folder. and run “npm start” command. Subscribe to channel , like and share. Please Support to me for new videos. Thanks for watching.