Hello Friends, Welcome to M4 Tech. Today we’re going to make a big mirror. Not a normal mirror but a concave mirror. I’ll show you the usages of it later. We’ll take an old Dish and few mirror pieces to make this. Let’s see how it is made in workshop. So we’re gonna start our work, in my hand I’ve the umbrella part of dish. We can see that it is curved inside. The concave mirror will be curved inside. Remaining we’ll stick mirror in it. Now we need to clean this as it has dust/dirt in it. First we shall clean this. We can just sink this in water. All the dust will be washed out. We can scrub the surface a bit. We’ve cleaned the dish now. For remaining work, we need mirror. We’ll buy mirror. We’ve bought mirror now. We’re going through our village. Praveen is riding without helmet even I didn’t wear one. It is a punishable offence, so wear helmet. Also we’re not supposed to carry mirror like this. It’s very dangerous. If it breaks, it can pierce in our body. It’s needed urgently, so we’re bringing like this. Let’s see the remaining work in workshop. We’ve safely brought the mirror. Praveen is shooting behind me. Now we’re gonna place it on a table. We need to break into small pieces. Like this shape. We can’t just go ahead and cut it like that. First we’ll cut into bigger pieces and then we’ll cut into smaller pieces. First we need a glass cutter and a scale. First we need to cut it. So we’ll place the scale. With the help of glass cutter, we’re marking it. We’re using gloves for safety. We’ve just market it. Now we’re gonna break it. Now we’ve got 2 pieces. We’re marking now. Here we’re trying to obtain most pieces from it. First we need to mark it vertically and then break into small pieces. Now we can easily break and keep it into small pieces. Vertically slit mirrors will be like this. Now we can keep it close and cut horizontally. Just like rows and columns. We’ve market it. Now we can easily break all glasses rapidly with the help of gloves. We need safety as well. 1 hour has completed after starting this. Almost we’ve done cutting all the mirror pieces. We can stick this much in the dish. Mirror pieces are ready to be stuck. We’ve kept the mirror pieces here and the dish umbrella. This portion is not needed for us. We can remove it. We’re starting to stick the mirror pieces now. We can start sticking one by one. Fevibond is being used for that. Not sure if Glue gun will effective, so not using that. We’re just sticking with the help of Fevibond. One drop would suffice. It might take time if you apply more glue. This is simple. Rather than applying on each and every pieces, I thought this would be easy. We’re fixing pieces. If we’re gonna stick one by one, it might take time. This is much easier. We can stick it simply. So if we stick this small piece, first layer will be completed. It look a nice amount of time to finish this. We’ll see the remaining work now. We’re sticking one by one now. Initially we thought we can stick it fast. So we’re not showing the complete video of mirror sticking. So we’re just sticking and moving on. See my face in this. Doesn’t it look unique? See how many eyes I’ve. We’ve almost completed the mirror sticking part. Only this is left. Once it is completed, we can fill the gaps with these mirrors itself. The square pieces are done sticking. We can patch the remaining ones. So after the mirrors are fixed, we’ve completed the concave mirror. You may be able to see the reflection in camera. We’re going to don some experiments with this. First we’re going to burn paper. We’ll move on to that test now. Sun is good and clear. We can place it here. I’m placing a small stick to hold this and have placed the mirror opposite to the sun. We’ve set the mirror. For firing test, we’ve taken a piece of paper. You can see that sun is over there and it is hitting the mirror over here. All that light will be focused in a single point, this mirror. Once we find the focal point, we can keep the paper over there, so that the paper will burn. When we just bring the paper towards mirror, we can see the brightness getting increased. When it reaches a point, we can see smoke. The paper has caught fire. See how fast it caught fire. We burn paper with the help of this mirror. The paper fire test on concave mirror has succeeded. Next we’re going to do another test. We’re going to cook a barbecue with the help of solar power. We’ve skewed a chicken piece here. Let’s see if we can cook this. Need to bring on the exact focal point. Just cook it. Because of the brightness, we couldn’t see anything. Praveen, decrease the exposure and focus it. We can see if it is cooking in heat. Many would’ve doubt that, if we cook and eat in sunlight rays it would end up in some problem. But this is done in many parts of the world. Harris has done similar setup in a video – Solar Chicken. They used this technique to cook the chicken with the help of huge mirror. If we do like this and consume, there is no problem. So if we keep it like this, on the exact focal point, we can see it getting cooked. Friends, we’ve finished cooking the barbeque chicken. To test, we’ve Praveen with us. Take a piece from that. Remove it from that. Praveen is eating that. It is cooked well. Let me try and see. You can see inside that it’s cooked well. See it is finely cooked. Do you want? It’s very tasty. Other things, will let you know after eating. We’re going to see how paper caught fire with this. When sunlight hits the mirror, all the light rays are focused in a single point. The specialty of this mirror is, it’ll have a focal point. In that focal point, all the light rays will accumulate into a beam. All the heat on that light will be reflected to that focal point. The temperature will shoot up in that point. That is why the paper started to burn. The working principle of this mirror is simple. The light is focused in to the focal point. That’s why there is more heat and light. Hope you all liked today’s video. Like or Dislike. Comment your feedback. Subscribe the channel to see exciting videos like these. Please subscribe. We’ll meet with some interesting videos. With cameraman Praveen, it’s me Geo Joseph signing out! [Bloopers]