Stop! Give – Give me your wallet! … …No. “Magic missile”! [Magical Explosion™] The next one won’t miss! What are you? I’m a wizard! Not a sorcerer? Definitely a wizard? Yeah. Just give me the money. Nah. “Magic missile”! [Another Magical Explosion™] What level are you? …two? No more warning shots. Give me all of your money, or I will unleash all of my arcane powers. -Cool.
-I’m serious! I have this whole spellbook. I will shoot you with *so* many “magic missiles”. Go for it. One final chance. You only had two missiles, didn’t you? …Yeah. Kyle: Probably should’ve prepared some more attack spells. If you were going to be mugging somebody. Or like… ..brought a…gun. Or something. I cast… [Spell sound] … “Nuc- “Nuclearize!” -Nope.
-It’s going to blow up! It’ll kill both of us! If you don’t hand over your wallet! That’s “light”. You cast “light” …on your book. What else do you have? Uh… …”Prestidigitation”… … Uh … “Ghost sounds”… … and … “Dancing light”. You got two lights? Two light spells? I thought it would be dark out, but, you know, the time change. And, as the mugger, you wanted light for that. “Ghost sound”! [Spooky voices saying, “OoOoOoOhHhH A GhOsT”] Okay, look, here. If you can figure out a way To knock it off my head You can have it. [Thump]
[Kyle exclaims “Duh!”] That was my fault.