(♪♪♪) DEE:
Hi, I’m Dee Solin,
creator of the Magic Palette Colour
Mixing Guide. I’m an active
professional artist, and I spend a great deal of
time working in my studio. I’ve been painting
for over 35 years, and working with colour
is my passion. Today, I’m going to
tell you about the Magic Palette Colour
Mixing Guide, why I created it, and to show you
how it works. There has never been
anything like it, and once an artist uses it, they’ll wonder how they ever
painted without it. Colour is the focus
in my work, and I felt there was a need
for a guide that an artist can
comfortably use while painting in the studio or outside to
help with the selection and mixing of colour. I set a goal to
once and for all take the guesswork out of
mixing colour, to make it simple. That’s why I created the Magic Palette Colour
Mixing Guide. There are many books that
deal with the issue of colour, and I have a library
full of them, but there’s never been
anything as easy to use as Magic Palette. So portable, it can be taken
with you and used anywhere, and you can refer to it
while actually painting. Let me show you how
the Magic Palette works. It works on a very
simple grid system. An artist can select any
colour from the guide. From the selected colour, you follow the row
to the left margin where you will find
the dominant colour. In this case,
it’s Cerulean Blue. Then, from
the selected colour, you follow the column down
to bottom margin where you’ll find
the mixing colour. In this case, it’s Sap Green. So this colour is a mixture
of those two colours. Now you place a dab of
the dominant and the mixing colours
separately on your palette. I add a little white to
the colours to make them opaque
and easier to see, since many of
the tube colours are dark and transparent. To both the Cerulean Blue
and the Sap Green, you slowly add a small
amount of Titanium White, and blend until each of
the colours closely match the mixing colour on the chart. Once they closely match, you slowly add the mixing colour
into the dominant colour in very small increments
and blend until the selected colour
is achieved. It’s that simple. When I’m outside
painting a landscape, I’m often overwhelmed by
the range of beautiful colours before me. Looking at the sea and the sky,
I see endless shades of blue. With the help of
the Magic Palette Guide you can begin to differentiate
the variations of blue, the turquoise sea
approaching green, the Cerulean Blue sky
becoming more purple as you look up to
the atmosphere. You can select each of these
beautiful shades of blue on the Magic Palette
Colour Mixing Guide, and easily mix the colours
to capture the magic you see before you. Magic Palette is
available in two sizes. The Personal Mixing Guide
shows you how to mix over 300 colours using 18
essential artist tube paints. These are the paints that
are most typically found on an artist’s palette. The Personal Guide is
small enough to take with you wherever you paint. The Studio Mixing Guide is
much more comprehensive, and shows you how to mix
over 800 colours using 29 popular
artist tube paints. This is for artists who want to see a greatly
expanded colour palette, and it is ideal for
use in the studio, workshop, or classroom. Both are very affordable
and will not stress the budgets of working artists. Magic Palette is
truly a unique and meaningful product. It is also a great educational
tool for artists of all experience levels,
and ideal for use by students, beginners,
experienced artists, and teachers. It also makes
a wonderful gift. Thank you, and happy painting. Captioned by GigEcast