everybody is old folks we’re continuing the Beast soul what should I put on my guy kind of little thing here we made to the support realm and the support realm basically is the team of man we don’t get a lot of choices sometimes some people are really easy let’s just be honest if you’re running Murphy if you’re running to muse or you’re running aria you know you’re going to go with the unicorn set I mean it’s it’s not a hard choice you know you want that extra healing that comes from the set you want the magic resist that’s going to go here you know you want your healing to be turbocharged I mean all this stuff adds up and is what keeps your team alive that’s what those people are for that’s what you’re going to run so for aria for muse for Aurora for Murphy that’s what you’re going to use not a hard choice when you start to look at some of the others it gets a little bit different I could theoretically run anything that I want out of these three choices and the problem is is I’m not sealing anybody because my skills are life skills so I don’t need to run the unicorn set on her so when it comes down to what I’ve got you know by running the nightmare set it wouldn’t be terrible but for me what I did basically if you look and see was I put 2 12 of each and I basically got the best of both worlds I said hey I’m going to get me 318 power pose two critical strike chance hey I’m going to get me 159 ap and I’m gonna give me 2,000 hit points I’m going to walk away with almost 500 ap to add up Ryder judge did it wrong now I did I write almost close in two thousand eight points so that that for me was a better alternative some people might go with a full set that it’s really up to you at that point what you want to run with I’m probably going to say it can go either way it’s based on your team obviously here I love the fact that she can use aap crit strike image kind of thing so obviously on her i’m going to run Hydra you could run the Griffin wing one some people run that but again I’m not seeing a major increase in or damaged when i run the Griffin over the Hydra whereas here I get the perk of the crit strike and it’s always better when she creates me I want you Chris it’s like woohoo you don’t mean like that’s what I want so it’s kind of what I do again here Sebastian the choices are really minimalistic I’m not going to do any healing so I’m not using the Pegasus stuff so I’m going to mix and match them both so I getting in that bonuses I get a little bit of help I get a little bit Chris right what’s that going to do and I get a little bit of hapy you know 500 AP again here same thing I’m gonna run out a mixture of both because let’s just be honest with what I’ve got you know on my on my people it’s always funny when I realized I haven’t put anything on somebody I’ve been running up for that long so like I got nothing there just the one on the limit on Phoenix okay now here we go you get to watch me sometimes just that’s just part of the game I don’t need that good so here I stack he’s picked up two thousand hit points he picked up high percent or four percent chance to crit and he’s picked up almost 500 AP which is what suits best for him so that moves us on again at a healer we know what we want I’ve had a lot of debate with different people on what we want to do with this little man right here his skill sets are not bad you know it’s a pretty decent skill set but in the end I’m going to probably mix and match them I want to take the advantage of both the world and neither one of them really does anything great for him he’s not a specific damage cat super say where you know yeah it’s great when his ultimate crits but I can get that from mix and matching asset and he could use you a little ability power you can use to help because of the back liner and those get attacked a lot so its a mix and match you know put them together same thing here we already talked about which really leads us to our last person candy candy is a support she’s not a healer her stuff heels but I’m not healing you know it’s one of those things where I don’t see a unicorn said being worth wild at all so what I’m going to do is for the most part makes a match I mean that that’s really what it comes down to the perk of going between both of these and just getting that bonus health there’s not a lot of options here I really wish they would flesh out some better sets give you some more options a little bit more I don’t want to say hero specific but you know give the heroes something to really say this person is a phenomenal healer or this person’s a shield person or you know I’m saying and so we’re here we’re kind of limited by what we can really give these people other than a few stats so that’s kind of my thoughts on that that’s the support class there’s not much to it let me know your thoughts tell me what you think and we’ll just kind of go from there hope you’ll have a great one talk