– I can change the silk from blue to red to now yellow and green. – Whoa! – What, But here’s a funny thing. I can change it back if you like blue and red again right there, Bam! – I it’s still a little yel… – Don’t worry about it, it’s okay. (bright music) My name is Nash, I am a
professional magician. What do you do for a living Austin? – Just play around. – That is a great job,
I wish I had that job. Wow, Okay. – What are we going to do today? – We are going to do magic,
and I’m gonna teach you magic. – Yay!
– Lets do it. – Magic, Magic, Magic, Magic,
Magic, Magic, Magic, Magic. – You spilled?
– Yeah, we’re good, okay, so. Do you like colors? Like favorite colors,
drawing, that kind of stuff? – Colors, yes – Yeah, yeah, yeah I have two silks in here,
I tied them together, okay what color are the silks? – Red and blue. – Green and yellow. – Green and yellow, right? But I don’t like green and
yellow, know what I like? I like blue and red. Now, I don’t really like
red and blue though, know what I do like? – What? – I like green and yellow. So I’m gonna see. – I like pink, purple and blue. – That’s good, I don’t have pink yet, but I can change the silk from blue to red to now yellow and green. – Whoa – What! – You want to see how it’s done? – Yeah – Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Okay, I’ll teach you how it’s done, okay. So, you guys ready for secrets? – Yeah! – This is the trick, okay? – Okay. – This is the silk over here,
okay, there you go, got it? This is a trick silk, see right there? – Oh! – Oh, yeah, so – And then you do it like… – No, no, no, hang on, hang on. Alright so, follow me, okay? When you come out, you
want to hold the silk but hide the yellow part, so they can not see the yellow
part, are you hiding it? – Yeah – Now you’re gonna to show
people this is red and blue can you follow me? Red and blue. – This is red and blue (giggles) – So you want to cover that, yeah, then when you pull this back… See what happens is, you
are inverting the silks now you’ve got the changing it to green and yellow, hey, green, yellow! Yay, yay! To reverse it, all you gotta
do is reverse the process and go like that, and then hide in the end though, like that
over here, wanna try for me? Go for it. – You see this? – Uh, huh. – Now what do you see? (giggles) – Don’t stop, keep going,
keep going, don’t stop, yeah, yeah, you’ve got
it, keep going and whoa! Okay, can you do this
whole trick by yourself? – Okay. See this scarf, I’m gonna make
it into two different colors. – Whoa
– [Woman] How? – With magic! – What’s really cool, is that you can start with blue and red, and you can start with green and yellow
and you can tell people that they’re gonna change places. And you do it together at the same time. – How bout this? Red, blue underpants! (giggles) – Okay, remember when
you say, one, two, three go that’s when you do it, okay? – One, two, three go (giggles) – I have red and blue. – I got yellow and green, we’re gonna make them change places! One, two, three, what! – Zoom, zoom! (giggles) – Cover it, cover it! – Nobody saw it, nobody saw it though (laughs) – Wow! – Yeah, no big deal – Magic, I did it! – Now we shall switch back (laughs) – Red and blue, green and
yellow, one, two, three! – Whoa! – One, two, three! – That’s good enough (laughs) – Does this mean I’m a magician now? – Only if you can keep a secret, then you are a real magician. Can you keep a secret? – Yes – Pinky swear, double pinky
swear, quadruple it, okay good. – I’m a magician now! – Oh, you know what, we
need a magician name for you now that you know magic,
what’s your magician name? – My magician name is
Crystal Angel, ready? – Yes, one, two, shaww, bam! – I am the great Austine Linguini – Whoa! – Thank you Nash – You’re welcome, yeay! – Magic is awesome! (laughs) – Yeay – Thank you! – You’re welcome – Can you come to my birthday party? – For a thousand dollars, sure – Okay (laughs) – Hey, I’m Nash the magician,
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