Hey guys! Welcome back to another video! Today i’m playing Magic Simulator! I’ve heard of other games like this game and played some of them but im sure this one will be more fun saying im new to it! I’m gonna choose low detail my computer trash for roblox ;-; WOAH! I fire LIGHTNING!?!? I already love this game! Hmm… wonder what these buttons do… I’m going to press one in a bit… WOAH!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! OMGGG!!!! AND YOU CAN FLY ON A BROOM!?!?!?!? OMGGG THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!! Oof, didn’t make it… I will try again. I’m making it! OwO how did I win??? I’m a total noob!! I’m gonna kill tis boss Time to buy an egg! GOD it’s as big as ME!! It looks like chocolate, yum… But i’m not going to eat them as long as they buff me forever. Anyways guys, this is the end of the video! Hope you had a good time watching! I’ll see you guys next time!