– Hi guys, welcome back to – [All] ThatYouTub3Family. – And we are the ventures. – We’re here in London,
ready to go see … – The Kid Who Would Be King. – Yay! (cheering) (bang) (banging) – [Alex] You have to see what I found. – [Bedder] There’s something
written on the guard. – Put it into Google Translate. – [Bedder] It means Sword of Arthur. What if it’s the Sword in the Stone? (laughing) (upbeat music) – Alexander Elliot! It was you who drew the sword. – There are four days
until the solar eclipse when Morgana will enter
the world of the living. (yelling) – And I’m supposed to stop her. That’s ridiculous. I’m twelve. – [Young Merlin] You will need to assemble a team of knights. – Arthur’s knights
gathered at a round table. And look. Lift up the flaps. (tapping) – Oh my god, you’re such a nerd. – This is destiny. (booming) – [Mom] How excited are you
guys to go see this movie? – I’m
– Super – excited. From a scale of one to ten,
I’m a ten out of ten excited. – Yes.
– Very excited. – I’m a 20 out of 10. – [All] What?! – [Mom] That’s awesome. So, we have a very fun day planned for us. Let’s go! (happy, upbeat music) (bird chirping) (happy, upbeat music) (children chattering) (birds chirping) (happy, upbeat music) (water thrashing) (happy, upbeat music) (birds chirping) (happy, upbeat music) (birds chirping) (happy, upbeat music) (bird chirping) (happy, upbeat music) – Okay guys, we just got out
from the preview of the movie. And what did you guys think? – Ahhh! It was so intense. It actually made me jump
sometimes (giggles). – Yeah, it was awesome. – What was your favorite parts though? – You can’t spoil anything! – [Dad] Without spoiling,
what’s your favorite part? – Hmm, the end, close to the end part. – Do you like the end? So, Ty likes the end battle, right? – Mhm. – When it all comes together, and the school joins in to help battle And I’m not gonna tell you what happens. You’ll have to watch the movie, but it was pretty, it was
intense, it was pretty good. – My favorite part is the sword when it came out of the stone. You’ll have to figure out
what that means (gasps). – I like where the sword returns too. – Oh (giggles). – [Mom] That’s probably my favorite. – That is pretty dang cool. – Let’s go into activities (giggles! (upbeat music) – What up? – Hey guys. – Hi!
– Hey. – Nice to meet you, I’m Tom, I play Lance. – Nice to meet you, I’m
Dean, I play Bedders. – So, I’m assuming you’ve all
seen Kid Who Would Be King. – Yes.
– Yeah. – Did you like it? – I loved it. – Do you guys have a favorite part? – Uh.
– Um. (Dean giggling) – What was yours?
– I don’t know. There so many good parts!
– He liked the final battle at the end. – Yeah.
– The final battle. – So, um, basically this machine is replicated in the
yellow tree fight scene when we’re all fighting and
learning, train us out to fight future battles, and this
machine replicate it. We’ve got the – As soon as you start the reflex test, as soon as you see the light, you hit them as fast as you can. (mumbles) to be on the first, and Dean will see who gets the best score. – Yeah. – He’s going first. He’s our champion,
– Is he any good? – so we’ll send our best.
– He’s a quick one. – Mom?
– Me? I’m like the worst. – So who is going first? – I’ll go, so they can see how it’s done. – I’ll put in devil four mode. – Devil four? Oh no.
– Good luck. – So, I just have to tap
them and they’re gone? (upbeat music) My goodness. – Come on. (tapping) (giggling) – Wooh! (giggling) – [Tom] Rapid. – [Dean] Ooh. – [Tom] That it’s gonna
be hard to beat her. (yelping) (tapping) (upbeat music) – It’s almost like I got – (giggling) – [Tom] Reflex is very good.
– [Dean] Memorizing It. – [Tom] Or a bit, or a bit my high school. (Dean chuckles)
– Come on, come on, come on! Ah! – What knocker, isn’t it? (Dean chuckles) – [All] Oh. Time’s up.
– [All] Oh. – 28, wow. – Big 28?
– 28. – Oh.
– Oh. – That’s right. – Okay. – Go on Tom. – Go try and beat that. (giggling) (upbeat music) – It’s like easy. (giggling) Tom’s like (giggles). – [Dean] For fastball (giggles)? (upbeat music) – I’m just gonna (mumbles). – Faster. – Ooh. – Damn.
– No no. – Ooh. – Ah.
– Ah, what’d it say? – 32, just beat by four.
– Oh, no. – Ah, you, nice job. – Alright, now do you wanna go? – You did great.
– Anyone else play along? – Go Ty, let’s go Ty. – You gotta pick up this one, so. – Come on, you got this buddy. Go, go, go, go, go, go, get ready! – Go.
– Go, you got this. – Wow.
– Go Ty! – Wooh!
– Wow. – Whoa. – Pull right. Hitting it all the way
down, down, down, down. – [Dean] This is common. (women mumbling) – [Dean] Whoa. (upbeat music) – [All] Whoa. (clapping) – 20. – Good job. – Good job.
– Man. – Do you wanna go?
– Can he try? Alright, go ahead. – You’re a bit taller, so, four. – [Mom] Jake, let’s go. – You got this? (upbeat music) – Go Jake. Awesome. – He’s got it. – He hits it so humbly as well. – See, he’s gonna beat on you. – Yeah. – He’s definitely gonna beat you. – He is calm. – That’s probably the
right strategy to have, is to like be calm. – Yes. – I can tell you, I’m not gonna be calm. I’m gonna be like,
– Look at that. – he’s just like (giggles). – [Tom] Use your — – [Dean] Oh, he’s gonna beat you. – [Tom] Uh-oh. Go Jake. – [Dean] Oh, rapid, oh, oh, he’s – – [Tom] You can do it. – [Dean] Ha ha ha. – [Mom] You can do it, got it. – [Jordan] Wait, where is it? (cheering and clapping) – 37.
– 37? – Whoa, Jake! – Well done. (chattering) – Step up? – Me, oh no, I’m gonna fail (chuckles). – Do you wanna do all of
them or the little one? – Let’s go all of them. (chuckling) – Ohhh! – Yeah, I’m just gonna fail, let’s go. – You alright? (upbeat music) (squealing) – Oh, they’re everywhere. (giggling) (upbeat music) I’m trying to be calm (giggles). It’s really hard. – Calm and aggressive at the same time. – No! (Jordan grunts) – [All] Oh. (clapping) (Jordan shouts) – Your turn, Dad, you got this. – I wanna see, I wanna see – – Me, me? – Oh yeah, let’s see
– You got the hand moves. – you do it, let’s see.
You can like – – [Dean] Let’s see, yeah,
give the eight and – let’s see.
– What’s up, Dean? (upbeat music) – [Man] Go. – Mm, bedroom. – Where is it? (tapping) (upbeat music) (Dean grunting) – Where’s the top and bottom ones that – It’s so hard. (Dean grunting) – Yeah. – [Dean] I’m (grunts) (grunting) – [Mom] Go, go, go, go. I’m not gonna do well. (Mom giggling) – Uh. That’s it? (sighing) – So three with 13.
– Ooh. – Three, that’s good! (clapping and clapping) Nice. – Thanks guys. – So, thank you very much for this, guys. – Yeah, thank you. – You guys got (mumbling) – Joe. – You’re going, you’re going! – Alright, you’re definitely an AM. (Dean giggling) Dads always win. (Dean chuckling) – Stay relaxed, calm. (upbeat music) – [Mom] Dum dum dum. Not too calm. – Up top, up top! Hooray! – [Dad] It’s all a goodness. – The edges are definitely the hardest. (upbeat music) – [Dean] Whoa! – He’s already going fast. – [Tom] Oh my goodness. – [Dean] You’re gonna get beat. – He might tie with Ty. – Oh wait, but Jake goes. (upbeat music) – [All] Oh.
– [Dean] Oh, 33. Well done. – Does anyone wanna go again? – Nice, thank you guys. – Thank you, that was really cool. Okay, so what was your most
difficult part to film? – Um, the most difficult
part to film, I think when we were all in harnesses. You know, the we’re being pulled up in that big cave, the scenes,
first fight against Morgana, ’cause we’re like in these harnesses, and they’re really tight
knot, and they pull us up, and we’re like getting strangled by – – Yeah, well, for me,
there’s a scene where we’re fighting the trees and
at the end, we’re in the Earth. Do you remember that?
– [Dad] Yeah. Well, they built this little
contraption with dirt in it, and I keep seeing the insects and the [mumbles], so that wasn’t – – Aw, that would be so awful.
– Ah (giggles). – So, that was difficult for me. – Yeah, I could imagine that would be. – What do you think is the
funniest scene in the film? – The funniest? – Yeah. – Oh.
– Hm. I don’t know, that’s hard. (Dean giggling) Let’s see, I don’t know the funniest. My favorite though is like
when you threw the sword back at the end. And it went back to the water. – Oh, that’s right, that’s nice. And the hand goes woosh. – Yeah, ’cause I just love that and the little hand coming out
of the water at a given time. – Okay, so what was the
hardiest, like funniest to film that you just kept maybe laughing over and couldn’t get your lines out. – Um, I think there’s a
scene where we’re not, when lost gets first with Kay, and we meet him, and we go
around the table and Louie ’cause Alex is like explaining
we gotta do this mission. For some reason, I’m just
filming like, you know, get the giggles, all of us. – Yeah, it was constant. – Like half an hour, just couldn’t stop. You just, you put a straight face and halfway through the
tape, someone’s going – (giggling) – That’s cool.
– That’s funny. – What about you? – Well, I think that, you know Lance fights Alex in the lake. There was lots of – They put a whole tank of water. Everyone’s messing around between takes. (Jordan giggling) So, that was very fun to film. – So that was in a tank, not in a lake. – Yeah. – It looked like a real deal lake. – I was wondering. That was cool. – It was like the backside of this room. – Yeah, it was massive. – And was it cold? – It was really warm. – Yeah.
– Oh, that’s good. They heated it really warm. – That’s nice.
– ‘Cause in the movie, I was like “Ooh, that looks so cold.” (giggling) That would be hard to film right there. (Dean giggling) – So yeah. – That was cool, very exciting. – Thank you very much. – Yeah, thank you.
– Thank you guys. – Alrighty guys, so, I
guess the fastest reflexes and the most common our family would be
– The winner goes to – [All] Jake! – Whoa, that was crazy. Did you guys guess
– That was grateful. – that Jake would be the ultimate knight. The kid battle of the tree. Wow, that was awesome. – I thought it was either
gonna be Ty or Jake. But yeah.
– Definitely one of the boys. – So, if you every find
yourself in a forest, and the trees are starting
to come after you, you want this guy right here. – You better take Jake (giggles). – They’re making pancakes from the movie. (light-hearted music) (upbeat, happy music) – [Mom] Which pancake are
we going to have done? – We’re gonna get the old Merlin. – Yep, so this is what
we’re currently having done. – So, when we do our
pancake art challenge, looks nothing like this. So we’re taking notes
to see how they do this, because by the, if we put
this much detail into it, the pancake would be like
totally crisp and burnt. And you wouldn’t be able to eat it. But these, we’re gonna be
actually be able to eat when they’re all said and done. – [Mom] Hey, we’ve got
the squeeze bottles, but it doesn’t seem to help us. – The icecream bottles (banging) Can we squeeze our squeeze bottles? They go like booh and like a whole bunch of
pancake stuff comes out. – I’m figuring out how
to control the buttons that are coming out of the bottle. – [Jordan] That’s the secret (mumbles). – That’s the, that is, that is the – Well, I mean, it’s not – I’ll tell you the secret right now. – [Mom] Yeah, tell us the biggest hint. – Whenever you turn the bottle over, you actually have to squeeze
it before you can turn it over. And then you can actually suck it back in. You’re letting go. You can’t see my fingers doing it, because it’s very, it’s
very fine movement. – [Dad] Ohhh. But you’re actually creating a vacuum. (Jordan gasping) And that’s how you control
how thick your lines are, where it should start,
where it should stop. – That’s a pro tip right there. – [Mom] Okay, so what tip do you have for your amazing pancake cart? – Oh geeze, uh – (giggling) – [Mom] On the spot. – So, when you look at your reference, you have to think about – You have to do your line work first. Like you have to kind of drop backwards. So, if you’re drawing
a cartoon, it’s easier ’cause all the lines are there for you. You start with the line work, and then you fill in the blanks. If you try to draw with all the colors, you might get a little
overwhelmed (giggling). – Man. – [Mom] Good pancake tips, right? (Jordan laughing) (mumbling) – Cool up, whoa, oh my goodness. – See how amazing that detail is. – [Jordan] They’re eating
the pancakes already. Are you kidding me? – ‘Cause this is the older Merlin. Let’s see –
– Yeah, look at that. (Jordan and Dad gasping) – I just tore.
– [Jordan] You just – It’s like too beautiful! Like it’s artwork.
– I know, you don’t wanna eat it. – [Jordan] You can’t eat it. – Here, I put it back, you can’t tell. – [Jordan] Yeah, you can’t tell, totally. – What’s that over there? – [Jordan] Ah, no, what is it? Oh, oh. Wait, what happened? Is it good? – Uh, I’m sorry, but the shield’s gone. (giggling) – [Jordan] Ate the shield. – We’re eating the shield. – It’s actually edible. This is like unlike ours. – It is, it’s like kind of a
little bit sweet, so it’s good. – [Jordan] Hm. – Ours is not edible. – Hi! – Hi you guys. I’m Angus, nice to meet you. How do you do? What’s your name? – Tyler. – Tyler, nice to meet you. – Hi, I’m Jordan. – Hi Jordan. – And I’m Jacob. – Hi Jacob, I’m Angus, great to meet you. You enjoying the tour of England? – Yeah!
– Yeah, it’s so cool. – It’s good to be here? Great. Um, right, I’m going to show
you how to do hand magic as seen in the motion picture,
The Kid Who Would Be King. – Okay.
– The first one I’m gonna show you is methyl duplication which is very powerful and
very important in the film. You ready to see it? – Yes, let’s go! – Okay. (snapping) (clanking) – [All] Whoa. – What?! – It’s as simple as that. – Is that real? Oh my goodness (giggles). What, that’s so cool. – Okay, it’s your turn, you
guys, alright, you ready? So, I’m gonna teach you how to do it. First thing, let’s focus
very, very carefully on the 50p. So, first thing, (snaps)
click on the left. (snaps) Snap on the right. (snapping) – Left, right, – Left right and then, hit your first into your palm like that. And then stretch the magic,
stretch the elements, stretch the air, twist
your hands together, and then like a cobra,
dab dab in the center, dab at the top, dab at bottom,
and dab in the center again. Dab dab, bop bop bop. See it? Put your hands, wait,
spread your hands like this. And then bring it all the way around. – Whoa, what? – Uh. (giggling) – That’s pretty good, that’s pretty good. Stretch it out again, bring your hands together,
up, down, up, down. Let your fingers nice and loose. And then one, two, three, flick, (claps) clap (claps), knuckles, and open. And then, you can beat it. Okay, it’s your turn to do it by yourselves.
– Ah! (snapping and clapping) – Stretch out the magic. (upbeat music) Nice, nice, remember this? – Oh, the butterfly. – Then, all the way around. (giggling) – Oh yeah, I forgot. – Dah, dah, dah, dah. One, two, three, flick. (clapping) (siren rings) – (gasps) Ty, there’s a tracker. – Whoa, oh my.
– Jake, what, that’s not good. (giggling) – That’s not quite right, um. – Okay guys, so they just
did the little hand spell, and guess what? They just got a tracker.
– Yeah. – They just brought the bandits to us. That’s not a good sign. – Yeah, so –
– Now we have the bandits after us. Now we need to like skedaddle (giggles). – Hey, yeah, this is crazy. – What are we gonna do about this? ‘Cause it just appeared out of thin air. – Should we go get –
– Oh, we should have – That’s not good. – asked him to get rid of it. – (gasps) Rats, now,
what are we going to do? – I don’t know. – You know what, it’s
time do and go suit up, so we can defend ourselves. – Yes. – Let’s do that.
– Let’s go get some armor. – Let me see the tracker real fast. I’m gonna go see if one
of the queen’s guards will get this from us. – [Mom] Okay, and we’ll go suit up and get armor on.
– ‘Cause they won’t mess with – Okay, cool. (swishing) (upbeat music) – [Mom] Aw, look at you boys. You look so good. I love it. Do you like wearing the armor? – Uh, a little. – [Mom] Are you guys
ready to fight each other? (Mom laughing) – Yes. – [Mom] Would you like
to be a real knight? – I don’t know. – [Mom] You don’t know? Ty, what about you? You think it’d be cool to be a knight? – Sure. – [Mom] Yeah? (indistinct chattering) (uplifting music) – [Mom] I think you’re
about ready to go to battle. You can do this. – I’m ready to go battle Morgana (laughs). – [Mom] Oh yeah. – Ah yeah. (upbeat, tense music) – Alright, so we finished
doing all the challenges and now we’re going to
see the Crown Jewels which I’m so excited about. These are like the official jewels that the royals wear. The royals, yes. – It is, the Crown Jewels.
– It’s gonna be crazy. – Ah, the real deal, Crown Jewels. Pretty fancy. The Crown Jewels, dun dun dun. Here’s Traitor Skate. In the summertime, there’s
actually water down there, but. – [Mom] Yeah, there was,
there’s not water now. – [Jordan] There’s no longer right now. – [Mom] We have a nighttime
tour, nobody’s here. – [Jordan] It’s insane. – [Mom] This is crazy. – Remember we went last summer. It was packed, and it was so
hot because it was in summer. But now it’s like in winter,
and it’s totally empty, because we’re like on a – [Mom] Private.
– private tour. It’s cool. (upbeat music) – Dangerous. – Dangerous (giggles). It’s dangerous (giggles). People grab these, and it’s scary. I’d be very nervous. Alright, so we finished the
tour of the Crown Jewels, and unfortunately, we were a
little bit late to the game, so we didn’t see the actual jewels, but we just got a tour around the castle which was still really cool. It was super pretty. And now we are looking at the armor as you could see behind me, and we’re headed on our
way to dinner (giggles). (gasps) Whoa, look at this. This is like original
armor two, I’m pretty sure. I don’t know. Oh, we’re heading upstairs. Here we go. I’m really hungry and jet lagged, so I can’t wait for dinner (giggles). (upbeat music) – So the lip smack and chicken is the secret recipe to help
Merlin regain his energy. – Ahhh! – What?! It’s crazy. You gotta go watch the
movie, so you can figure out why this is his secret recipe. – Yeah (giggles). – Alrighty guys, we are all
done with our activities for the day which was super
fun, and we have made it back. It was super awesome,
super fun to have dinner in the castle. – Yeah.
– Really cool. And it was really neat to
meet some of the actors – Yeah.
– that were in the movie. – They were really nice.
– Yeah. They were super fun.
– They were fun to play and some of the games with and
talk to and just get to know. – Look at these cool
backpacks we got from it too. – Yeah, at the very end, they gave us little backpacks with um – Oh, I don’t know where it is. But there’s a customable – – Stonehenge. – Stonehenge,
– It’s in here. – buildable thingy which is cool. – Such as in the movie.
– Aw, that’s so sweet. – You learn the real, mysterious
history of Stonehenge. – Okay, so, I really liked the movie The Kid Who Would Be King, but it did make me actually
jump at some parts, because it is super suspenseful. – It’s awesome. – A little bit scary, so
I mean, if you’re younger just have your parent review it to make sure it’s not
like too scary for you, ’cause it had make me jump. I was like yuh (giggles). – Yuh. – But that’s what made it so good too, – so I don’t know.
– So, yeah. – It was good. – It was a little bit scary – Yeah. – and a lot of fun to watch. – What’d you guys think when
the bandit’s tracker showed up? – Shhh, uh!
– Oh, and our challenge. – I know.
– Yeah. – How’d we get the bandits following us? – I don’t know. – Yeah, that was not good. – Alrighty guys, let us
know if you’re super excited to see The Kid Who Would Be King, and if you’ve already seen it, let us know what you thought
in the comments down below. Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe and share and … – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure. We’ll see you all next time. – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)