I’ve got five attackers
you got no blockers and you’re dead You need to train I don’t need to train Maybe not… But you do need a training montage To win in the Arena you have to be the Arena Okay You must sharpen your skills. Here, eat this That’s a cauliflower It’s a super food! All right come on pump them, keep those
knees going. You punch like a beeble! Now that we’ve covered spells, let’s talk
about flying I’m doing it! [Car alarm blares] [Phone alarm rings] Rise and shine
It’s magic time Fire! And fire! I’m done. Sophia, don’t you quit on me. [Reminiscient echoes of “You’re dead”] [Intense sax solo] Welcome the Challenge! Rise and shine
It’s Magic time Up that hill! Move those zombies! Fire! Fire! Fire! Thank you Don’t thank me Sofia.
The Magic was inside you all along Uhhh, what are you doing? Nothing Whoa, nice combo! Have you been training? A little. If you love a challenge, you’ll love Magic: The Gathering Arena Welcome the challenge.