MIKE LOPEZ: Hi. I’m Mike Lopez with Expert
Village. And today, we’ll be discussing the blue cards from the blue block of Magic: The
Gathering. And now, we’re going to discuss Telepathy. Telepathy is a classic magic blue
staple. It has been around since the beta release. It has one blue; it’s an uncommon.
It’s an enchantment. What this enchantment does, as you can see, it’s not an enchantment
aura because that is fairly new. It’s coming from the newer expansions, but this is just
an enchantment. It’s not an enchanted creature either which means this stays on the board.
This is a permanent until someone can deal with it. Now, what this card does is whenever
your opponent plays with their hand, they have to play it with their hand revealed,
which means from the point where this card comes into play, that means that your opponent
has to put all of his hand on the table, face up, as to reveal it to everybody including
yourself. And you can even go and look at his cards and ask him what his cards does
and he has to tell you, which means that when he’s going to go grab for a spell, you automatically
know what is going on. When he gets a spell from his library, you automatically know what
it is. It also automatically means you also know what spells you want to counter, what
spells you want to remove. You also can know if he can play certain cards due to his mana
and so on and so forth, which means it gives you a very, very big advantage over your opponent.