Hi, this is Mike Lopez with Expert Village
and today we’ll be discussing the red Magic color. And now we’re going to go over Fireball.
Fireball is a very long-standing staple of the red series of this game. It is X and a
red, much like Blaze. However, Fireball is a little different. Fireball is a Sorcery,
but you may pay the X damage and have it deal to a single creature or play. However, Fireball
has the extra added thing that you may deal damage to multiple targets. So you would divide
that damage evenly among the targets, but you also have to pay one additional colorless
Mana for each additional target. So, if you were targeting two things you would have to
pay one colorless and the red, and then you would start counting Mana for the X. Likewise
with two, three, and so forth. But, you’ve also got to realize that that X divided evenly,
rounded down amongst the number of targets.