hello guys here is a really cool effect and I can assure you it wont fshsh fool people (heh) but it will amaze them well let’s see how it looks so how was it well in my opinion it’s pretty good well now let’s look how it’s done ok you of course need one card right here and this aaa scissors and just cut them in half right in the center and then take one of the half and near the border as you can see right there cut one small slit and another small slit in the other end so that you can fix the other card like that okay but before fixing the other card just bend them like this one downwards or upwards you can say and other one downwards right so when they join they would leave a gap to put your finger in just like that you have your card okay now hold it like this you know they’re against your thumb and with your index now if you hold it like this you will be like WOOPP what did I make the card wrong no you’re just holding it wrong now hold it against your thumb and the flesh part of your thumb as you can see and this what happens you bring your index finger you put it in and actually that’s not our index finger that’s the ring finger of your left hand it gives a really good illusion that that’s your index finger now without the covering it will look like this well that’s the move practice it well and that’s how it’s done well guys I hope you liked did well (i hit the mic) that’s it