hello guys any any idea of what I’m having in my hand guessing that you saw it from the shadows it is aaaaa color pencils and now keep in mind this works much better with the you know oil-based and all the crayons well now let’s get into the performance okay guys this is an amazing effect most of it is basically acting now watch I will turn just like that and then I will pick a color oh that’s a sharpener I’m sorry and just wait I’m going to go yeah I’m gonna pick that and watch even though I’ve turned (facing front) but what I can tell it’s blue they go I’m right now let’s learn how to do it naa just be in place yeah let’s learn it okay so here’s the part right here now I saw this you know performed by Criss Angel and I got the idea this is how it’s done but he did it differently I thought some other variation well whatever simple then it is behind your back scratch it with your nail there you go and if you can see there is a little bit of color and you can see yeah it is red but do it behind your back and by looking and you will be like showing this hand like let me concentrate and you look at the color now that’s a really very deceptive way of looking into this secret well just focus on the acting that really pulls it off well that’s it and I’m going