guys welcome back and if you’re new hi
well watch today I’m going to show you magic with this pen drive and I want to
teach it to you the magic trick how it’s done now
let’s see the performance so guys you need a pen drive not necessarily a
pen drive anything that is small I will tell you later
anything well yeah that just watch the performance and then I will tell you
what it requires a pen drive now watch I’m going to cup my hands and I’m gonna
put this pen drive in my hand just like that watch nothing done yet see just
like that I’m going to put my pen drive right here and watch gone completely
gone right gone and to bring it back just cup my hands again and I’ll go in
and I’ll go snatch that pen drive from air now let’s learn how to do it there
you go that’s a secret a double stick tape now
many people ask me where do you get this kind of tape like it’s completely flat I
really don’t know I bought it off from a website and I don’t even remember the
website and who knows you have to find it by yourself you know they like they
perform it with those big fat double stick tape that does not look nice this
kind of blends in right even if someone sees it it’s not that
suspicious unless you show like watch this what is this so let’s get on to the
trick this is what happens this is what you do you cup your hands you make a
little space and first time you really do put the pendrive in
because this can like this processes image in your spectators brain yeah it’s
going in when he show it like this the second time and you do the action your
brain picks it yeah the pendrive is in but actually it’s not it’s behind okay
so this is what’s happening you tilt you hand a little like this sight you do the
accent action but this is what happening trust me it looks so stupid from behind
like anyone can easily see from behind but from front it looks beautiful right
like this it looks nonsense but like this it will look beautiful just go with
this angle and just press it and like thee do that and you know some
people go like ah nothing here nothing here yeah if you want to do it do it right I
don’t do it I don’t like that it just looks very here if I show like this it
looks like yeah you’re hiding something well that’s it guys hope you guys liked
it be what you are now what people want you to be that’s it