guys I’m going to teach you a magic trick
with these matches let’s get into the performance okay guys it’s two matches
and watch what happens of course it cannot go in like this it cannot right
it cannot watch just like that it went right through it
without breaking right and it can come out just like that beautiful like one
two and three just like that that is so quick so quick can amazing now
let’s learn how to do it ggguys now you know that this is a
really old trick but I still perform it and I still get get great reactions from
this if you perform it really smooth then you will do get great reactions but if
you have those what to say those spectators who actually like to point
out what your how you’re doing and what you’re doing then you might be in
trouble well whatever guys now there are two
variations to this one is you like let me just straight on get into it you press
so hard the matchstick onto your thumb like in between your thumb and index finger that
it’s sticks right this one this is a little risky for me because I just feel that it
would drop down so what I do I pinch it between my index and my middle finger
and that’s the way I do it now let me explain it practically here’s
the match and I just I I had just shown you the secret but I did like this that
was the secret in the performance so this is what’s basically happening saw
that I’m doing this basically very fast very fast very fast and if you
talk it will make it seem a little more you know fancy just watch just do this
really fast the practice this action okay and it will look very amazing just
like that there you go guys a really cool magic trick
go ahead perform inspire people and live your life that’s it