Hi, I’m Daniel Madison welcome back. Thanks for being here FANK Charlie Madison I really appreciate the time this video is cute. But quick this was a really easy idea really simple idea It’s gonna be easy to teach it’s gonna be easy to perform Gets a little bit tricky in the performance and the practice of making a card flip and jump right from the deck. This one is Easy, you’ve probably already figured it out from just watching it. There’s nothing hidden really here It’s just a pretty they’ll move them I used to use in Demonstrations in the car table for example finding all of the diamonds one by one This was one of the ways I used to find what those diamonds in my routine. So I would suggest not doing this on his own but mixing him with other I Diaz so without further ado not gonna waste any more of your time We’re gonna open up a big ball while reserved playing cards for Mom brother Davies and I’m gonna wrap this thing around my head so you can see flick from my perspective So this move is Technically very easy, very very easy However, it’s also a little bit tricky The moment when you flick the card the moment with it Slides along the bucket up that can shoot so you have to get a timing, right? The only way you’re gonna figure this out is by doing it by practicing by putting time in You’re gonna get lucky a few times the person when you first try this, it’s gonna work perfectly But then it when it comes to performance it can’t go wrong So I’m gonna show you everything we’ll teach you everything that I know about this. It’s a very easy thing This shouldn’t be too much of a long video because it’s such a simple move, but there is quiet There are quite a few things that you need to know, especially when it comes to The performer it’s not everything about this is super easy All you need to do is control the selection to the top of the back However, you choose I’m not gonna teach you that in this video. What are you crazy? control the playing cards in the top of the deck that Playing cards on top if you believe it’s shuffled inside somewhere In the video or I demonstrate this move. I spread it here on top of my fingers. So my fingers stay here That’s just that I’m ready to go right in the beginning when I performed this I used to perform this for routines I used to put it into a Gundam routine an idea of Finding all the diamonds one after another all in different ways. This was one of the ways So to do on its own to do it isolate that is quite strange You might want to use this in a way of maybe Final Fours is just just Orion now. I don’t know that’s up to you The reason I’m saying is once you spread the deck, I like this idea They believe that none of clubs is lost inside so want to spread the back now, I like to stump back but think about this and let this image sink in because if you do it quickly the way I did in the demonstration then They might think Logically, that must have been a card stock here for it to have projected into the air the way that it did they must have Been because he spread it and then he turned it over to one too quickly for me to see So I like this moment of losing the inside Sometimes I like this idea as well to further convince that you don’t know where that car is to Before you do the spread. Yeah here of Pretending that I’ve looked inside and I’m thinking about where that car is Now I spread I stop back now and I’m looking and I direct my eyes somewhere in the middle I’m like looking at the model thinking Yeah, I think I know where is it’s all just enough to solve the performance of it Now I come over here. I bring my fingers underneath here This both hands come to this side And now this time kind of worked is when the tables so they want to get to the top card. I can very subtly Pull it or push it further away from the spread this allows me to Flip that card so it goes across the rivet. So here’s what’s happening So the card won’t be above here For the moment of the flick picking this under here and now I’m gonna flick in this car And I’m not trying to be secret. I’m not trying to hide it. I’m just clicking the card so over here from the table like this The card propels spins across Towards the edge of that, but for now, let’s just focus on main one which is in the middle and all these things I’m telling you all these little Tool a clicking it from inside. This is gonna come with practice and I’ll know the most from practice and trying this Ideally you want to be flicking it right in the middle because this causes it to travel like this Rather than spin in a way, it’s got spin to it. Then this chance it’s gonna spin out of control We don’t really want them. You’ll find if you flick it over here It’s just gonna lose its functionality. It’s just gonna lose its Lose itself on the journey to Mars. I tried to forget a little every time okay before we get ahead of ourselves I know that there might be a few people watching who don’t even know how to do this the wave I Believe it’s called the wave. I almost call that wave, which is Basically the sprite back turn over which looks like this Easy I think I just toy to Basically spread that let this car press it down and the entire deck turns itself over I said a lot of people doing this like carrying it with a Finger it gets kind of pretty looking thing But for this we definitely need a lot of pressure at this point. We need it to happen fairly fast This is what’s gonna cause the card to shoot into the air we want to time this so that when we flick the card Which we’ll get to when we flick the card. We want it to travel About here before it goes up into the air. So once it gets here, we want our ribbon spread our wave to be here So that this can do this So that can go up but it’s way above that and the only way that we can control the car going up into the air rather than Over this way over this way too much is just by timing and this is where the practice is where the difficulty comes in ideally you want the car to Go into the air But with this phone behind that turns the todd’s over kondogbia catches it now if you look at the motion of this hump It starts here and then it presses down. It’s coming this way So it’s naturally making its way over here and you find with with good time it once you press The bottom car once you push it causing the ribbon spread to wave over Your hands come in this way at the right timing to touch that car. It just kind of works out something right here So you see the hands already in the stablish when it comes to catch on the card You don’t look like you’re chasing for it. You don’t look like it. You’re really reaching out trying to grab something. It wants to look Quite graceful or as graceful as possible now get into the flick itself It needs to be further away from the deck from the rest of the cards, so the discrepancy is gonna be this We’re gonna see more of that second card than any other card obviously thought the top covers were revealing itself And because of that because we see the full image here it kind of doesn’t make a difference when we see more of the second image more over the back of the second card because it looks quite uniform so I’ve never been quite with this and I used to do a lot in gambling demonstrations and people off but already I always asked The method for this one. How does it jump out the middle? Despite it feeling and looking especially on film. It looks obvious It looks you can tell how it’s done film but in reality real life from somebody Especially when you’re directing them to the middle the way I’m pretending to look for card Everybody’s looking over here and because everything kind of happens at once that the flip goes unnoticed if anything Because you’re turning the card over here This is where the mystery is officer. So everybody looked over this side towards the middle. This sides kind of off-limits Nobody seems to look over them. So at this point We want this card to meet the wave about here So it’s all about the time and it’s all bounty of practice and there’s a lot much else I can teach you about This moment because it’s just something you have to do if I show you this That was perfect. I managed to flip the card So it arrives Right as the wave hits the middle and that’s what you aiming for if you do it too soon if you flick the car Too soon. Obviously, it’s not better It’s not going to hit the wave at the right point and if it goes too far over here It’s gonna go in a direction that you can’t control you’ll want to be able to control it. So it’s directly in the middle So that you know where you’re gonna have to catch that card when it comes to the catch itself You don’t want to have to be chasing And even that even that went a little bit wrong But it felt okay because my hand was already coming in in this direction The one thing that’s gonna help you the most with this is the pressure Do you turn those cards over in the ribbon wave in the spread wave at this point? You might have pressure that you put over here. That’s gonna cause the Trajectory of the card that’s gonna add more pressure to the card on its way up. It’s gonna it’s gonna force it into the air a lot more, but obviously that is it’s not going to depend on how well you flip this card and however You flick it If you flick it gently then you get a tiny little the Kennedys jumped off the wave More importantly you can see exactly where it came from I know you’ve already know how to do this now the prices down practice, but I do want to give you a few ideas Try this with four of a kind It does take a little bit more practice. I’ll show you what the ACE is really quickly You have to do a little extra work when it comes to that point The point of spreading because all these cards have to be on top all four aces have to be on top together in a clump here So you complete them all at once it’s achievable is achievable and the way you do it is by simply having a thumb break So you get a thumb break at the back of the deck like this. So from the front you can’t see that? now I want to come and spread the deck all the Cards remove themselves from my fingers during the spread and I’m left holding Just the Aces. This allows me to control those aces and put them down Instead of spreading them. So I spread and now I put them down in. Oh That was quite pre-accident occidental catch all stirred up So yeah You can experiment with this try it with maybe a sandwich idea And speaking of sums is the next two videos on all my sandwiches. I think I’ve taught you enough about this Let me know in the comments if you struggle and I’ll see if I can help you somehow if you use this in the social as I say this every time if you use this in the socials Don’t tuck me because it just brings your audience to me when they’ve discovered a method and that’s bad for magic Okra that was on pure joy I’m Donna moss and I’ve got some both tutorials on the way including a few pretty little need Sandwich ideas, so stay tuned Sure, you subscribe. 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