Real quick, before this video starts, let me know in the comments if you guys like grape flavoured things or don’t. Appearently, like, it’s a pretty big debate Hey, what’s up guys, Keaton here, so I picked up this weird product – that’s my YouTube Channel, if you didn’t know – and basically, what it says is you can just add water to a cup and the cup makes the water flavoured and it’s totaly healthy We gotta know more! And normally at this point of the video I tell you guys to turn notifications on ring that bell and leave a comment, so I give you guys a shout out but you guys have been going way to hard and you’re not actually liking the videos so So just do that! Leave a comment, leave a like, it’s that simple and just thank you, guys! You guys have been crushing it lately So yeah guys, this right here is “The Right Cup” if you guys wanna check it out, link is down below I honestly don’t remember how much I bought these for, so here is the deal, this indigo-go project raised 1,4 million dollars so you know there’s like a lot of people that are believin’ in this So I gotta break this down for you guys cause it’s about to trip ya out So appearently drinking water isn’t fun I used to, like, think that now I’m, like, just chillin’, I like water Let me know in the comments if you guys like water or don’t like water But it’s basically not fun. That’s why they made this product! So, all you really have to do is add regular water – I got some bottled water here – to this cup and it flavoures the water and also smells like the flavour that makes sense, so pretty much, if I pour water into this orange flavoured cup it’s gonna smell like orange water and also taste like orange water I, I know, I can’t even handle myself So, “The Right Cup” has a lot of magic in it or at least that’s what it’s saying. You can’t up it in the dishwasher, ’cause I think that washes off all the magic. The magic lasts for, like, six to eight months I don’t really even know, I just wanna know if this actually works So I got three flavours We got Cola, mixed berry it right? The mixed berry one! and then the orange one.
And I actually have some other flavours, like the crystal lights and stuff,
that I wanna compare it to you so we’re gonna do that in a second! We’re just gonna try this out, like, as is Normally I wash cups before, like, I use them so, if.. I, I hope this is healthy I really hope, like, in a few years, like I can open stuff That’s really what I hope for in a few years Oh my, wow, that is bananas not, that’s not the flavour! There is so much berry going on! So this is just the mixed berry cup It looks nice, it’s like a nice cup I don’t really know, it’s a.. it’s a cup.. Like, it’s that simple! I’ve big hands, so this cup, I don’t know, I can grip the cup. I feel like eight to ten ounces of water could fit in here. I don’t really know why I’m getting too scientific, it looks cool, The orange one, I’m guessing is gonna be orange, the cola one, I’m guessing is gonna be cola. They have a ton of flavours these are just the ones I got Oh, if this works, I’m never gonna drink soda ever again! If this works! If this actually works Because water is boring! Oh my, wow, and the cola one smells intense Like I have Mat a few of my friends behind the camera right now and the entire room smells like.. Willy Wonkas Charly Chocolate factory That’s not even right.. I’ve had one job there! YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR! It smells like Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory Orange, cola, berry.. my entire house smells like these flavours! they’re pretty intense. Cool, so normally I would read the directions, but I think it’s pretty self explanatory We’re gonna try out the fruity ones first and then the cola one takes carbonated water, so just don’t use normal water with it.. I never knew water was this complex! So we’re gonna fill up that orange it’s just a fresh bottle of water, that I managed to spill on myself.. I had one job.. this video.. job.. Alright, here we go! Alight, I got orange, and now we got mixed berry that’s always fun, that’s a fun name there Alright, so I’m gonna try the orange one first, so they said in the video, that taste and, like, smells and stuff are the way your brain recognizes a flavour.. Why do I feel like I didn’t say that right? I kinda use sight as well, like I can imagine flavours.. .. so.. science.. Alright, so I’m just gonna try the orange one now I’ll be totaly honest if it tastes like it or if it doesn’t, trust me! Smells like orange, obviously, the entire house smells like an orange. You gotta be kiddin’ me.. way.. Yeah, no, I definetly.. I definetly taste like the orange water, it’s like a hint of orange it’s not like CoolAid or anything Okay, alright, I’m gonna try the mixed berry now.. I can’t tell if I’m tasting, like, chemical plastic or not I really hope it’s not that… Like, it smells like berry. It smells great! Well, rub some on me.. Alright, I’m gonna try it again. Yeah, no, the orange is a definetly stronger than the berry, but like.. I definetly taste the berry, it’s like very subtle Now I’m gonna try the cola one, it says on the box, that I need, use.. I need carbonated water so I got some carbonated water You can check it, it’s sparkling, sparkling means carbonated.. .. in case you didn’t know, I just learned that today at the grocery store.. ..someone had to help me.. So, we’re gonna open this up, oh what.. Oh my! Nooo.. You had one job.. You had one jooooob… I don’t like you. I’m not using you. Alright, so I’ve got a friend over here Yeah, and I just shook it up.. Okay, let’s try this again. Sparkling water. I’m calling you by your name. Please don’t explode. Turn up Hells yeah dude. So I’ve got sparkling water, finally Let’s try it with the cola flavour. Looks like the water is boiling Alright, this is supposed to be, like, a cola flavour We’ll see.. Smells.. ah.. I don’t know it smells like a root beer Doctor Pepper. It smells like they had a child. No.. I don’t know if I’m feelin’ that one. That just tastes like sparkling water. Don’t get mad at me now. It smells like doctor pepper goodness, but it doesn’t taste like it. Alright, well I’m just gonna pour this out I don’t really like it Ah, I think the other flavours are pretty good! What I wanna do now, is I wanna compare the flavours of “The Right Cup” to the to like these packets that you put in waterbottles, you guys know exactly what I’m talking about. I just kinda wanna see, like, how much of a difference there is So the flavoured cup that I got, at the right one.. what? That was so many words “The Right Cup” flavour that I got, ahm, is mixed berry I couldn’t find mixed berry at the grocery store So I got “Cherry-Pomegranat” And the last time I’ve checked, that is a mixture of two berries.. we’re technically good! I’m gonna try the ones in the bottles first So.. cherry-pomegranat.. just kidding.. mixed berry right here! And then I got orange I got.. I found.. I was able to find orange! So here we go, I’ll try this one first Mmm.. oh.. that is.. that is good! Alright, I’m gonna try the mixed berry cup now You can definetly taste there’s berries in here like a little hint not as much as the orange but, still pretty good, like I don’t mind it Alright, now for the orange one.. Oh, this brings me back to the middleschool days when we were flippin’ waterbottles at lunch. I’m just kiddin’ I’m not that old and now the orange “Right Cup” yeah, no, the orange one definetly tastes the best Is there a huge difference between the “Crystal light” and “The Right Cup”? Yes! Dramatically! Night and day difference! Is it, like, bad? Do I, like, hate these? No, I don’t recommend the cola one but the mixed berry and the orange one, they’re pretty lit So, yeah guys, “The Right Cup” is pretty cool, it’s, like, actually one of those cool Indigo-go kickstarter campaigns that.. ..that..that works! So I like them a lot. Is it pretty different from, like, the bottle packets? Yes! Water! It needs to be flavoured in 2017! Welcome to the future.. So, yeah guys, that’s pretty much of it for this video Thank’s so much to Mackenzie for this video notification channel If you guys want one, ring the bell, comment down below, saying you’ve done it and that’s pretty much it! Get subscribed to my channel, if you guys are new I upload four new videos every single week and I’m gonna go have a water party. Bye! I just wanna throw the cookies, they’re THAT good!